Proud to Be 
One Giant Community

Sharing Love and Support Through Stickers and Beyond

StickerGiant prides itself on being a part of One Giant Community, inside and out. In our early days, we set out to create a company where our Giants feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. The way we see it, nobody is going to be their best selves if they’re checking a part of who they are at the door every day. 

Our culture is rooted in values that embrace diversity, equality, and belonging in all aspects, whether it’s our people or our business, and we strive to practice what we preach every single day. Otherwise, we’re just doing it wrong!

We believe every sticker has a story behind it, and telling the stories of our customers is what we love. Our products always begin as a blank canvas, coming to life through creativity, self-expression, and purpose. Unfortunately, that can get a little sticky when it comes to freedom of speech… Everyone has the right to self-expression, but we draw the line at hate. 

We do our best not to print anything that promotes violence or hatred against any individuals or groups. We have Giants on the team who see every piece of artwork traveling through our process, and they help us keep this commitment every day. We fully support our customers who promote inclusivity, positivity, and love for all humans. It should go without saying. Full stop.

While we work to keep the hate out of our stickers, we LOVE to support the LGBTQ+ community! As advocates of positive self-expression, we use our platform to give local and national artists a voice, speaking their truth through Sticker Stories.

Amplifying the stories of our customers is a big part of what we do, which is why we proudly support local organizations and small businesses owned by LGBTQ+ or marginalized communities.

Our Giants also love a good parade, as does Saul the Sticker Ball. As part of the local community, we’re always in attendance at annual Pride festivities and unsurprisingly, it’s always a blast. Celebrating love and individuality with a giant sticker ball? We’re here for it.

While we haven’t changed the world (yet), it takes a village to shut down hate and lead with love. We are so proud to be part of One Giant Community, for our employees, customers, artists, advocates, fellow human beings and really anyone that wants positivity to stick around. StickerGiant will always be here to support.