How Many Sticker Designs Fit On A Sticker Sheet?

Sticker Sheets are a fun way to get multiple designs onto a single sticker, or have a theme of designs on a single sheet that is easy to share. However, because there are multiple designs on a single Sticker Sheet, there are some things to consider when putting together your designs for your custom stickers. So let’s take a look at the most important things to know about Sticker Sheets.

How Many Stickers Can You Fit on a Sticker Sheet

This will ultimately depend on how many designs you want on your Sticker Sheet, how big or small each design is, and how large your finished Sticker Sheet will be.

You can have as few as 1 sticker on your Sticker Sheet or as many as 30 stickers, which we often see used for decals and logo stickers people often go out of their way to purchase. Please note that we only allow 30 internal stickers per sticker sheet. 

When you have one or just a couple designs on your Sticker Sheet, each one can be larger, and essentially take up more room on your sheet.

On the other hand, if you are trying to fit more than a few designs on a single Sticker Sheet, there are a couple more things to consider when determining the total number of stickers you can have on your sheet.

If you are incorporating a mix of sticker sizes, you can be a little more creative with how you layout your designs. Integrating any smaller designs you have, in among your larger ones can utilize additional open space in your sheet, without necessarily taking up required printing space between your designs. For some Sticker Sheet designs, this can also help balance the smaller and larger elements for an appealing finished look.

Some important guidelines to consider when figuring out just how many sticker designs you can get on a single Sticker Sheet are:

  • Be sure your bleed area extends at least ⅛” from the edge of every sticker design in your sheet, and also from the edges of your full Sticker Sheet. This area is there to make sure your sticker designs are not cut incorrectly for your finished stickers.
  • Give your designs a little breathing room, and make sure there is at least 1/16” of an inch between every Sticker Cut Line in your sheet. Your sticker designs can be spaced further apart than this within your sheet, but cannot be closer together than this distance.

Can we Cut Different Shapes on a Sticker Sheet?

Absolutely! We love custom shapes, and Sticker Sheets have so many possibilities for these. You can do small shapes with large shapes, or custom shapes with traditional shapes. Just keep in mind all custom shapes we cut will have rounded corners, and this is something we indicate in our proofs with the magenta Die Lines, also known as the Sticker and Sheet Cut Lines.

Can a Design be Printed Outside of the Individual Sticker Areas?

Yes, working with the space between your stickers as part of your design adds to the fun, and flexibility of what you can do in your Sticker Sheet. This is also a great way theme your sticker artwork, include your logo, and provide an easy and friendly way to engage your fans with your brand.

Themed Sticker Sheets also make it easy to incorporate stickers into learning activities for young kids and adults. From museums to bike shops, we see a lot of ways to use Sticker Sheets as part of an educational, branding, team building, or events as handouts, and so much more.