Celebrating Women’s
History Month 

Sharing the #StickerStory Behind Inspiring Women 

Finished, Not Perfect: The Journey of Tiny Namaste Pottery

Christine is one-woman production with a flair for creativity. She found her true passion in pottery after a decade-long hiatus creating Tiny Namaste Pottery. Drawing inspiration from her global adventures and her beloved pug, Subi, Christine pours her playful spirit and boundless creativity into every ceramic piece she crafts. She uses Holographic Stickers to share an adorable illustration of her brand. Her journey to self-discovery is reflected in her work, where each piece is an extension of her authenticity and joy. With a motto of "finished, not perfect," Christine embraces imperfection as a testament to her growth and evolution as an artist. She infuses her pieces with a dash of sass and a sprinkle of namaste, inviting customers into her whimsical world where every creation tells a story of resilience, exploration, and the beauty of embracing one's true self. 

The AB Living Promise: Pure Ingredients, Pure Intentions

Hillary, the founder of AB Living Essentials, was driven by the challenge of finding suitable skincare for her family's eczema-prone skin. Her journey of discovery into organic and vegan ingredients led to the creation of nourishing, natural remedies. From her kitchen-turned-lab, Hillary meticulously crafted creams and lotions, each batch a testament to the power of nature. Renowned for their soothing effectiveness, Hillary's products—including the 'Divine Body Lotion' and 'UnstoppABLE Body Cream' collections—demonstrates her dedication to excellence and empathy. These collections, designed to meet diverse moisturizing needs, feature a chic, contemporary appearance by using Matte Labels. This venture stands as a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets purpose, providing a soothing embrace through the loving touch of nature. 

From Graphic Design to a Woman in Woodworking

Meet Brandy, owner and creator of Handy Dandy Brandy, a skilled crafts(wo)man who ventured into the world of woodworking. From crafting intricate designs to mastering the art of woodworking, every piece she creates is a testament to her dedication and passion. She utilizes stickers on her unique boxes and Matte Labels for products like her custom wood shop scented candle. Brandy hopes to empower women to follow their dreams and go against the grain. Handy Dandy Brandy’s mission is to bring unique, handmade, and sustainable products aiming to be as eco-friendly as they can.  

Feeding Justice: The Inspiring Story of the Black Chef Movement 

Black Chef Movement isn't just about cooking; it's about bringing Black and brown chefs together to provide wholesome meals to those who need them most. It all started when Rasheeda McCallum, Executive Director, and a chef herself, saw how social injustice was affecting Black and brown communities. She harnessed her culinary passion and unwavering commitment to justice and created Black Chef Movement. In a short amount of time, they've grown to include almost 250 volunteers and have fed countless activists and families across New York State. Utilizing Matte Labels and a unique design – Rasheeda and her team share their story while also providing personalized meals to individuals throughout their community. StickerGiant proudly supports Black Chef Movement, recognizing the vital role their work plays in making the world a more equitable and delicious place, one meal at a time.