How to Make Stickers that Look Holographic with a Gradient Effect

Here at StickerGiant, we use lasers to cut out our sticker shapes. Pretty awesome, right? While it helps us feel a little more awesome, it does come with limitations regarding holographic stickers. While we don’t offer holographic stickers now, we have many customers who prefer to achieve this look through their design, rather than their sticker material. With gradients, you can create a long-lasting, more economic sticker with a thinner laminate to last.

Having an outdoor laminate over your Die Cut or Kiss Cut Stickers means a longer-lasting sticker that will hold your graphic design effects much longer than a holographic sticker. Another bonus? You'll be saving money, too! Keep scrolling to learn how to make your own long-lasting gradient effects.


Glossy Label on Body Butter jar with a marbled and gradient effect
Image: Body Baked



White glossy, vectored artwork is key for a shiny effect. If you’re looking for a chrome look, a Matte Label looks great against trendy marble or stone backgrounds. You’re going to get a higher quality product that will save you money and last you longer! This costs much less than a holographic sticker and will give you more bang for your buck.

Prefer a glitzy, glam look? Check out our page on How to Create a Glitter Effect on your Sticker or Label!

Looking to give this effect a whirl? We've got the instructions you need below:





How to Create a Holographic Gradient Effect in Adobe Illustrator

  • Select your favorite gradient option
    Start by navigating to the Swatch Library menu, then select Gradients and choose your favorite option. Click and drag your color boxes, or select different colors by clicking into the color to customize your gradients' look.
  • Select the object you want to apply a gradient to with the Direct Selection tool
    Choose Select from the tool bar, then Same, then Fill Color. After that, you'll select the gradient you created in step one by clicking on it on your side toolbar.
  • Customize your gradient's look
    By selecting "Gradient," or tapping G on your keyboard, you can then change the direction of your gradient, which will overall change the gradient's look on your sticker or label! Click and drag in different directions to see which gradient style looks best.