Waterless Tattoos

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Hassle-free, vibrant, and super fun body art that pops.

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File Formats Accepted: ai, eps, svg, pdf, psd, tiff, tif, jpg, png, jpeg

Waterless Tattoos is available to buy in increments of 500

What to Expect When Ordering

2-3 Days

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About Waterless Tattoos

  • Effortless Application: Say goodbye to the hassle of  water and paper towels with our Waterless Tattoos.
  • Hygienic Solution: Keep germs at bay with a clean, fast, and easy application process.
  • Minimal Mess: No more fumbling with paper towels or water; simply peel, apply, hold, and discard the backer.
  • Image Clarity: Unlike traditional temporary tattoos, our designs are not reversed, ensuring your chosen design appears just as intended.
  • Full Adhesive Coverage: Our tattoos feature adhesive that covers the entire backing, eliminating gaps and ensuring a secure hold. However, for optimal appearance, it's recommended to trim excess adhesive close to the design to avoid visibility. Additionally, for larger tattoos, be mindful that the adhesive may attract dirt and become discolored over time, especially when wet.
  • We offer a minimum quantity of 1000 for our Waterless Tattoos and a maximum quantity of 50,000. If you are looking to order a quantity larger than 50,000, you can contact our Accounts Team and they will be happy to help you out!
  • The size you select refers to the paper backing, which will be rectangular or square. However, the tattoo itself will follow the shape of your design. 
  • If you are looking to re order your Waterless Tattoos, please contact Customer Service and one of our lovely humans will be happy to help you!

Product Features


Non-toxic / FDA Custom Inks

Mess Free

Artwork Setup Tips!

Make sure your files are set up for success! 

For the best possible product, we recommend the following for your art files:

  • Vector or high-resolution raster art files are preferred for best results
  • Ensure your file's color space is set to CMYK (otherwise colors may appear off)
  • Upload any of these file formats: AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, PDF, or EPS
  • Want a unique size? No problem! We offer custom sizes starting from a minimum order of 10K. Contact our Accounts Team for a personalized quote tailored to your specifications.

Waterless Tattoo Specifics! 

  • Our Waterless Tattoos don't do full bleed – we keep it clean and crisp!
  • We can't print neon colors or match specific shades.
  • We are not able to print any text below 10pt, so make sure that text is large for all to see!
  • When designing waterless tattoos, leave 0.25” between multiple images and keep a 0.1875” distance from the tattoo edge.
  • Our awesome art team will whip up two free digital proofs for your designs, which means you get one revision on the house!

Need help with your art?
We offer graphic art support! Our art team is here to help ensure your files are set up for perfect printing. We can even make easy corrections if needed, the simpler the art, the more we can help.

How to Use Your Waterless Tattoos!

Sporting Events

Promotional Materials

School Functions

Festivals & Large Events

How to Apply:

  • Before applying, if able, cut as close to the design as possible to avoid extra adhesive from sticking to your skin. The extra adhesive is needed to print the tattoos, but not needed for application.
  • Remove white protective cover sheet
  • Carefully apply tattoo face down on clean oil free skin
  • Press down evenly on the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds
  • Press down for an additional 10 seconds on the corner you intend to peel the tattoo from.
  • These should last 2-3 days and can be removed easily with baby oil.

**DO NOT apply to sensitive skin or near the eyes!