Stickers Vs. Labels

When you need to label your products or promote your brand, you have some great options with custom stickers or labels. Which to choose will depend on your application needs, and how you plan on using your custom stickers or labels. Let’s take a look at what makes these products different, and what type will work best for your needs.

What are Stickers?

Custom stickers are an outdoor durable product that lets your brand travel far and wide, and be applied just about anywhere. This means, when you want your brand to travel outdoors, or when you know your products will be on display in outdoor settings, you’ll want to consider custom stickers for your designs.

  • Die Cut Stickers are finished as individual stickers that are sent to you in stacks. This makes them ready for your fans to stick to their favorite go to items.
  • Kiss Cut Stickers are going to be finished on a roll, with our without perforations. This type of sticker is also a nice alternative to custom product labels when you know your products will be displayed or exposed to the elements.
  • Clear Stickers can be finished as individual stickers or on a roll, and are a great option for windows, or outdoor surfaces where more durability is desired. 

What are Labels?

Sometimes all you need is an indoor option, with the durability to stand up to oils and water. Custom labels are self-adhesive, and ready to make your products look amazing on store shelves, and with your customers while they are getting great use from them at home.

Find the look that works best for your brand, with great types of custom labels to get you started, including Glossy, Matte, Glossy Paper, Matte Recycled Paper, and Clear Labels. Custom labels are also printed with full color process, so you can bring out all the colors of your brand, with the detailed print you may also need to include on your labels, like an ingredient list.

Custom labels are finished on a roll, making it easy for you to apply them by hand, or with a label application machine. If you need your labels oriented on the roll in a specific direction for working with an application machine,  just let us know when you are customizing and ordering your labels.