Printing Process

How do you match color with full color printing?

Printing with a full color process means we can match nearly any color in your designs within 95% color accuracy, when your designs are created in a CMYK process. Colors will vary from what you see on a screen, to how your stickers or labels will be printed because of a difference in color settings from a printed image to what we see on computer or phone screens. Read more here.

Your quote says 4-color process but my design has 8 colors. Does that mean you won't print some of the colors in my design? Which ones?

4-color process does print with only 4 inks, however the way that the patterns are created with those 4-colors allows us to print just about every color available, and should look just like a full color photo, so all of the colors in your design will print.

How will my custom stickers or labels be printed?

At StickerGiant we use digital presses to print your stickers or labels with full color process, and then cut your designs to your custom shapes with lasers. Yep, real lasers! Read more here.

What are Raster Images?

Raster images are digital designs made of a dots or pixels of ink, that together make up your designs. These types of artwork files print best at 300 dpi or dots per inch, to make sure your stickers and labels print with the high quality design you created.

What are Vector Images?

Vector images are created with lines that are based on fixed points based on formulas. Crazy, we know! This type of art file is also the best for anything you want to have printed on clear materials.

What is full color printing?

Full color printing is a digital method where all ink colors in your design are printed at the same time. This allows for full color matching, and a wider range of color blending abilities on custom stickers printed with this method.

Can I get a press proof first?

We do not offer press proofs, but we always offer a digital artwork proof with your order to make sure you love it before we print it. All reorders will skip the approval process and be put into the first available printing time.

How fast will my stickers or labels be printed?

The clock for production starts ticking when you approve your proof. Once your approve your proof, our Giants will get your stickers printed within 2-4 business days and shipped out to you! We offer Free Ground Shipping on all orders that are over $55, with additional options if you need your order even faster. Read more here.

What color process is used for printing custom stickers or labels?

All of our stickers and labels are printed with a four color process, also known as four color space or digital printing process. This means we use cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink in combination to achieve a full rainbow of colors and shades in between. We also use a white ink which is printed as an extra layer behind designs on clear materials to help make designs appear more opaque against a transparent background.