National Sticker Day - January 13th

National Sticker Day 2017

National Sticker Day 

In 2016, StickerGiant registered January 13th as National Sticker Day with our friends at National Day Calendar. Every year we do something special to honor our favorite holiday, and you can learn more about the origins of this day and why it was created.

The First Stickers

Historians credit the European merchants in the 1880s as the first to stick labels to their products, in an effort to promote their goods and wares to passersby.

These savvy, pre-industrial entrepreneurs used a gum paste to get the labels to adhere and, well, stick: hence “stickers.” By the 1900s, a sticker-specific paste had been developed and was widely used, most notably was used on stamps, which dried and then would re-apply when moistened.

Enter Ray Stanton Avery

Then a fateful January day in 1907, the 13th to be exact: The birth of Ray Stanton Avery, who in 1935 would create the "Kum Kleen Pricer Stickers," which was the first commercially available self-adhesive label. This invention led to the formation of Avery Dennison Corporation, which today has over 16,000 employees in 37 countries and sales in the billions each year.

The sticker, as we know it, was born.


Stickers have grown up in the eighty-one years since their birth at the hand of Mr. Avery, and StickerGiant is proud to announce the creation of National Sticker Day, in association with National Day Calendar.

National Sticker Day takes place on January 13th to honor of R. Stanton Avery's birthday. Avery passed away on December 12, 1997, at 90 years old, and we celebrate his innovation every year with this day.

We Set the Original Guinness World Record for Largest Sticker Ball

In celebration of the first National Sticker Day in 2016, StickerGiant set the original Guinness World Record for the Largest Sticker Ball, which ended up being 231.6 pounds and 8.8 feet around.

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Take a look behind the scenes on how Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball got started and the lead up to the first ever National Sticker Day.