Amplifying Black Voices

Sharing Stories of Black Makers and Creators

At StickerGiant, we are proud to support and celebrate Black History Month by showcasing the incredible creativity and talent of small Black-owned businesses and creators. This February, we're shining a spotlight on these remarkable entrepreneurs, sharing their #StickerStory to show how their visions were brought to life with custom stickers and labels. Our aim is to amplify their voices, celebrate their achievements, and promote their products and services. StickerGiant is committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and empowerment, and Black History Month is the perfect opportunity to show our unwavering support for the Black entrepreneurial community. Join us in honoring their contributions and making a positive impact together. 

Featured Stories

Charminta Brown | Brown Joy | Stickers 

Brown Joy is more than just a brand; it's a movement. As a Black Women Owned Business, it is on a mission to display Brown Joy characters on children's products, fostering cultural capability and nurturing the dreams of countless children who, like Joy, deserve to see themselves in a world filled with positivity. Charminta Brown is the visionary founder and owner of Brown Joy, using Die-Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets to celebrate representation and inclusivity. Her brand serves as a powerful catalyst for increasing recognition, nurturing worthiness, and normalizing the presence of Black and Brown individuals in society.

Darnell Brown | Letellier Skincare | Matte Labels 

LETELLIER Skincare is a brand focused on holistic living and inclusivity. As a proud interracial couple, Darnell and Kim recognize the importance of diversity and making quality skincare accessible to all. They've overcome challenges, working tirelessly to create exclusive, cruelty-free products that empower people to look and feel their best. LETELLIER Skincare uses Matte Labels to display their innovative products. Their brand stands for accessibility, purpose, and diversity – making premium skincare available to everyone, sharing skincare knowledge, and celebrating the beauty of the world's diverse skin tones. Join us in supporting LETELLIER Skincare's mission and Darnell's vision for a brighter, more confident future. 

Jasmine Frank | Hunnie Butter Bakery | Matte Labels 

Hunnie Butter is a labor of love with the mission to craft extraordinary, handcrafted delights, including layered cakes, cookies, bars, round cakes, and delectable caramels. Jasmine, the heart and soul behind Hunnie Butter, is the driving force behind the scenes. Using Matte Labels, Hunnie Butter displays their delicious baked goods while also showing off their logo. Join husband and wife team on this sweet journey and savor the love and expertise that make Hunnie Butter a cherished part of their community and beyond. 

Sam Teferi | Rocky Mountain Restaurants | Stickers 

Samuel Teferi is the creator of Rocky Mountain Restaurants, a blog showcasing local eateries where the food is the star. Sam’s love of food comes from his East African heritage, and upbringing in St. Louis, Missouri, a multi-cultural food melting pot. In addition, his ambition for helping local mom and pop businesses was greatly influenced by his experience working as a Giant. “I feel like in a way, StickerGiant has inspired me a lot for the way I run my page because StickerGiant has always been about helping local businesses. While StickerGiant has gotten bigger, the root of our cause has always been to assist smaller businesses and help get them to a point where they’re bigger. That’s essentially the same philosophy I have with my blog”. Sam utilizes Instagram for his platform, and recently printed some Rocky Mountain Restaurants stickers that he enjoys sharing with fans and anywhere stickers may be found!

Rasheeda McCallum | Black Chef Movement | Labels 

Black Chef Movement isn't just about cooking; it's about bringing Black and brown chefs together to provide wholesome meals to those who need them most. It all started when Rasheeda McCallum, Executive Director, and a chef herself, saw how social injustice was affecting Black and brown communities. She harnessed her culinary passion and unwavering commitment to justice and created Black Chef Movement. In a short amount of time, they've grown to include almost 250 volunteers and have fed countless activists and families across New York State. Utilizing Matte Labels and a unique design – Rasheeda and her team share their story while also providing personalized meals to individuals throughout their community. StickerGiant proudly supports Black Chef Movement, recognizing the vital role their work plays in making the world a more equitable and delicious place, one meal at a time.  

Cidney Moorer | Herbal Ciddy | Labels 

“With a commitment to inclusivity and a passion for empowering black beauty, Herbal Ciddy was born.” Cidney Moorer founded Herbal Ciddy with the goal of creating plant-based skincare products suitable for all skin types, aiming for an all-inclusive self-care and holistic wellness line. She uses Clear, Glossy, and Matte labels to show off her amazing variety of products from the rose hydration toner, baby oil, to her gentle cleanser spray. She is dedicated to offering natural, vegan-friendly skincare solutions for people of all skin tones.