Beauty and Cosmetics 
Stickers & Labels

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Labels for Every Look!

SKUs and Augmented Reality Codes

Sometimes it’s all business, and sometimes it’s way more. Scannable custom labels can do all sorts of things, from QR codes, simple SKUs, and barcodes on packaging to an entire augmented reality experience. Engage your customers by taking them into a whole new world beyond the label. 


Beauty and cosmetics products have a lot to say, and your packaging needs to include more than just your branding. Custom labels are another great way to add key consumer information to your products, like ingredients, directions for use, and item descriptions. Don’t forget to consider tearable paper labels for tamper-evident packaging! 

Brand Promotion

Every brand needs stickers! Create custom stickers of your brand’s logo or other fun things and include them with orders or hand them out at promotional events and markets. Tell the world you’re making awesome things and stick it somewhere!