Custom Party Stickers 
and Labels

Personalize Your Joy, Stick with StickerGiant

Let’s Get A Party Going!

So many occasions, so much to celebrate—weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, sports events, or just because. You don’t need a reason to throw a party. But you probably need stickers to make that soiree extra special. Add a personal touch to your shindig with custom stickers or labels to use as party favors, address labels, personalized goods, and more!

Address Labels

Party planning is a lot of work. Take the manual handwritten envelopes out of the process and create your own unique address labels. Save yourself some time while spicing it up! 

Recommended Products: Sticker Sheets like those seen above 

Thank You Stickers

Show your gratitude in the most fun way… personalized thank you stickers! Add them to a traditional card or go with a sticker sheet to wow your gift-givers with your own amazing designs. 

Recommended Products: Die Cut Stickers, Glitter Stickers, Holographic Stickers

Thank You Stickers

If you’re a creator of your own concoctions, they’ll need a label. Impress your guests with custom labels or stickers for party favors! Use them on candles, candy, soaps, drinkware, goodie bags, and anything you want to give out to say “thanks for coming!” 

Recommended Products: Kraft Paper Labels, Clear Labels, Clear Stickers

Bottle Labels

Gussy up some glass bottles with a custom label and give your guests something to remember thanks to that personal touch. Add a label to personalize glassware or stick one on a full bottle of craft or homemade beverages for the full experience.

Recommended Products: Matte Labels, Matte Recycled Paper Labels