How to Create Stickers with a Glitter Effect

You may know that at StickerGiant, we use lasers to cut our custom stickers and custom labels (hello, Laser Shark!) On top of receiving the cleanest lines from our lasers, we really focus on high quality stickers and labels for your orders. This means the best products going into printing!

A top request that we receive is for glitter stickers. We get it. We love glitter. The sparklier, the better - hey, maybe that should be our new slogan! However, those pesky lasers mean that using actual material with glitter in it makes it pretty close to impossible. Light on light means unclean cuts, and nobody wants that.

Fortunately, we here at StickerGiant have found a solution for you. Enter Glitter Effect Stickers and Labels! These stickers will have a glitter effect rather than be made of glitter in the material, creating a long-lasting sticker or label that will hold your design much better and longer than glitter. Plus, with StickerGiant's outdoor laminate, you're ensuring all of your hard work on that design will last.


Glitter label by Celestial Beerkworks
Image: Celestial Beerworks



So - you've decided that a glitter sticker or label is the way you want to go. Next steps? How do you do it?! We've got you covered! Check out this informational video on how to add a glitter effect to your sticker or label to catch everyone's eye like the sparkly unicorn you are.

Not sure if you're into a glitter look? Try out our Holographic Gradient Effect to give your stickers an out-of-this-world effect (while saving big money!)





How to Create a Glitter Effect in Adobe Illustrator

  • Select an Open Source glitter background, or create one yourself!
    Be sure the glitter image you're using isn't copyrighted. If you find one you love, purchase the file. Or, take one from an Open Source site or take a photo yourself! Get creative!

    With the file you want to add glitter to opened, Choose File, then Place, then select the glitter image and click on your screen. With the glitter file still active on Illustrator, click "Embed" at the top of your screen. This will embed the glitter image into the file itself.
  • Place the glitter on the object you'd like to see shimmer!
    Click the image and and use Cut (either by selecting Edit, then Cut; or your keyboard shortcuts of Control + X or Command + X). Then, double-click the object you want the glitter placed into. Select Object, then Compound Path, then Release. You'll see your glitter image appear on the screen. Move your glitter image over the object, then select Object, then Arrange, then Send to Back.
  • From Compound Paths to Glitter Magic
    Click on the object you want your glitter inside of again. Select Object, then Compound Path, then Make. This allows you to hide the image in a clipping mask! From here, select Object, then Clipping Mask, then Make, and you'll see your glitter image locked into the object.