Happy Founder's Day!

Meet John the StickerGiant

My name is John Fischer, and this is my sticker story.

Hey John! What do you do?
I’m the owner and founder StickerGiant. I started StickerGiant 17/18 years ago in my basement with my wife, and we just started selling political bumper stickers online and one day we realized: “we have an actual business.”

What’s Your Background?
I went to school for art, so I have a commercial art background and a commercial art degree, and I worked in printing companies selling printing to the advertising agency world and retouching. Way back in the day before the Internet. Then when the Internet happened, I got into Internet marketing really heavily and at an ad agency, and I helped build some of the very first websites that did anything.

What’s your favorite part about StickerGiant?
My favorite part of StickerGiant is the people and the team and how much fun they have getting everything done every day

What makes StickerGiant different?
We have our own way of doing things. We’re an Open Book Finance company. We’re an EOS company, which is a certain kind of management that lets everybody know what they’re supposed to be doing and what their job is every day. It helps all of us get along super good.

What else?
I have a couple hobbies. One of them is traveling and the other one is I train German police dogs.

Thanks for answering our questions, John!