Hear How Stephanie Found a Solution to Taco Tuesdays with a Plant Based Diet and Colorado Crummies

After adopting a plant-based lifestyle in 2017, Stephanie and her husband were faced with a challenge of how to replicate their favorite Taco Tuesday dishes without the meat. This inspired Crummies Meatless Crumbles, their vegan, gluten, soy, and nut free meatless crumble. Their crumble is made with seven ingredients that come from the earth and not a lab. Listen to the full podcast to hear how they got started, and what’s next for this new brand.

Some Highlights From the Show

Nachos-made-with-Colorado-Crummies-meatless-crumbles“We decided to look at a lot of the meatless crumble products that were on the shelves, and really came to the conclusion that they were all too chemically focused, and frankly not what we were looking for going plant-based. So we decided to come up with our own, got licensed, got up and running, and decided that we really had something here. We went to the farmer’s markets to get our start, and that was almost a year ago.” - Stephanie Baudhuin

Creating the Recipe

Finding an alternative to crumbled meat meant research, and a lot of recipe testing. Getting a texture and taste combination was really important to Stephanie and her husband when creating their recipe. They wanted a product that you can toss in with any favorite meal, making it easy for anyone to enjoy Colorado Crummies.

“We looked online into a lot of meatless crumble recipes and pieced together what we wanted in taste and texture, and used our own little, or my husband’s rather, cooking knowledge on what could really be used as an alternative for that satisfying taste and texture to be a meat alternative.” - Stephanie Baudhuin

Growing a New Business

As a new business, Colorado Crummies found mentorship and support with E For All, an entrepreneurship for all organization in the Northern Colorado area.

“They specialize in communities that have possibly been overlooked for entrepreneurship opportunities, and the Business Accelerator that I was part of was at no cost to me. There was an intensive part in the beginning where you are assigned three mentors that walk you through a bunch of business goals, and help you form a business plan.” - Stephanie Baudhuin


“I am forever thankful that I got involved. I actually met Harris at a farmers market booth, he was set up right next to me. So it was kind of serendipitous in that way.” - Stephanie Baudhuin

Getting Colorado Crummies Started

Stephanie has a background in graphic design and loves getting creative and enjoying the journey of start to finish on her projects.

Quote-from-Stephanie-Baudhuin-Owner-of-Colorado-Crummies-from-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-Quote-says-Crummies-is-easy-to-throw-n-any-recipe-that-you-would-normally-use-ground-meat-in-Versatile-Accessible-and-Super-Simple“I think my entrepreneurship journey started watching my husband start his own small business, and watching him be self-employed, but also have such pride in his business and something that he built and is in complete charge of. My father always told me that working for yourself is probably one of the greatest things you can aspire to do.” - Stephanie Baudhuin

As a product that is also an ingredient in so many delicious meals, Colorado Crummies has recipes on their site to inspire customers with new flavors and ways to enjoy their product. One of the best parts is getting to see how customers are using their Crummies and creating new recipes.

“It’s been really fun watching what our customers create and they’ve been kind enough to send those recipes back to use so we can see how creative people are getting in the kitchen. It’s been really rewarding just to see.” - Stephanie Baudhuin

Looking Ahead for Colorado Crummies

With just over a year in business, Colorado Crummies is looking ahead at the possibilities. Be on the lookout at your favorite Northern Colorado restaurants for Crummies on the menu, or find them online to try with your favorite recipe.

“We are looking at being in restaurants, and are really excited for restaurants to reopen and we want to celebrate and be a part of that grand reopening. Timing is a challenge right now, but we were actually in talks with a few restaurants before all this hit (Stay at Home in Colorado during April 2020). And we’re continuing those conversations, so we can be part of their reopening and would like to get on a few menus here in Longmont, but also beyond, and grow as we can.” - Stephanie Baudhuin


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