Jenine And Josh Share How Tubby Nugget Went From An Inside Joke To A Full-Fledged Business


Below is an edited transcript from our conversation with Jenine and Josh.


[00:00:05] Andrew: Hey everybody, and welcome back to Stickers on the Mic. Andrew here with you again this time around, very psyched to be dialing in Jenine and Josh.

[00:00:45] Josh: What's up?

[00:00:46] Jenine: Nice to meet you guys and we do love the StickerGiant team. Happy to be here [chuckles].

[00:00:52] Andrew: Nice, Jenine and Josh, you all are the creators of Tubby Nugget.

[00:00:58] Jenine: Yes, we are.

[00:00:58] Josh: That's true.

[00:00:59] Jenine: Our little child.

[00:01:01] Andrew: The child. What is your reason for Tubby Nugget even existing, what is-- Tubby Nugget for those who are listening, it's, what is Tubby Nugget?

[00:01:16] Josh: It is a wholesome web-comic mainly on Instagram at the moment. Our goal is just put a little daily dose of positivity on the internet every single day.

[00:01:27] Jenine: That character came to life, it's only been about a year and a half, maybe two years, since we started posting comics. Because we started posting on the platform and our growth started spiraling, it has become our full-time jobs and we love it. It was originally a doodle that Josh would draw for me and it's spiraled into something a whole lot bigger completely by accident which is amazing, and we're really excited to be here.

[00:01:55] Andrew: You have 381,000 followers on Instagram, compared to your other platforms, gangbusters. The growth, if you said it's two years or so, that's pretty astonishing, actually.

[00:02:09] Jenine: Thank you.

[00:02:09] Josh: Thank you.

[00:02:10] Andrew: How did you do-- like before-- I want to save that question, because I think that that's really interesting just especially for how we do digital marketing these days. It starts as a comic but you all are selling stuff on the website, how does this e-commerce, if this is your full time job, that means you're doing a lot of promotion and engagement. What is it to get these things made, and then, how are you coming up with products to productize Tubby Nugget. Is it a peanut, what is Tubby Nugget?

[00:02:42] Josh: We get this question a lot, "Is Tubby Nugget a poop nugget, is he a chicken nugget", our official answer is that Nugget is the name of this alien species. He's from a place, another universe called Nuggetville [laughter] and he's actually come to Earth. But he loves eating chicken nuggets so it's not cannibalism when he eats a chicken nugget, but he recognizes his similarity. He's more like, ET.

[00:03:11] Jenine: He's got a whole little origin story about how he came to earth and found us. That's why Josh and I exist in the comics as well.

[00:03:19] Andrew: This is a plushy that is actually an alien.

[00:03:22] Jenine: Oh, yes. A little plushy alien nugget.

[00:03:24] Josh: Nugget is the name of the species essentially.

[00:03:26] Andrew: Sorry, right, of course, the nugget species.

[00:03:30] Josh: But you were asking about the e-commerce.

[00:03:31] Andrew: You've got key chains, you've got this pillow, you've got the toy, you've got the box sets, you've got, of course the stickers, the bundle, obviously, there's engagement, how are the sales going with all these different types of products, and what's most popular for you?

[00:03:47] Jenine: Crazy you ask. We are in the middle-- our launch went insanely well.

[00:03:52] Josh: As you asked this question, we just launched the key chains last week and it was really great.

[00:03:58] Jenine: We're still in the middle of packaging about-- we sent out about 180 packages just the last couple days. We still have 220 to go. [chuckles]

[00:04:08] Josh: It's really just the two of us and her brother.

[00:04:11] Jenine: My brother is going to help me a lot.

[00:04:12] Josh: We've transformed the house into a nugget factory essentially. When we think of these products, it's essentially just the type of things that we want. [laughs] Like, "I didn't know this guy is so cute, have a plush toy." He's like, "Oh, I want to get a keychain on my backpack." The instinct is just like, "What do we want first", then it was like, "Does it align with what the fans want?" It usually aligns pretty well.

[00:04:42] Jenine: We also make sure to tie merch into the story so the origin is that you can adopt a nugget of your own and name it. When Tubby came to earth, we named him Tubby Nugget. People who get their own nuggets actually named their nuggets and make them a part of the universe.

[00:04:57] Andrew: I noticed there's downloads, folks who are listening, if you go to, they have an adoption certificate.

[00:05:05] Jenine: [laughs] There is. It actually comes with every package. We had a lot of people buy it back in July of 2019 when we first launched I believe and we didn't have the certificates back then. We just had people naming their nuggets and we realized, "Oh, this could be a really cool part to integrate the certificate into the story." So we've been adding that in as a little incentive in the bag to name your nugget. [chuckles]

[00:05:33] Andrew: If you travel, you can't go through the airport line without-- anyway, I'm kidding.


[00:05:41] Jenine: Follow all of the airline guidelines.

[00:05:44] Andrew: "Is that your Tubby Nugget", "In fact it is, I adopted it." Then the graduation certificate, explain to me a little bit about what this graduation certificate is.

[00:05:53] Josh: It was just a super random thing we threw up because we did a comic for all the graduates of 2020 who were not able to have a regular graduation. It was like a little comic, everything ties into the comics and like the little mini stories we're able to tell there and Tubby Nugget congratulated a bunch of people and he gave them a certificate. People were just like, "I want to download this and print this out", and we were like, "Sure, put it on the website." [laughs]

[00:06:22] Andrew: So funny. Obviously, you're deep in the pop culture. Today's post is of course very dear to my heart, for folks who listen often they know how much I love Star Wars.

[00:06:34] Jenine: Oh, perfect, we are big Galorian fans [laughs].

[00:06:35] Andrew: Was up pretty late last night watching it, I had to get it out of the way.

[00:06:40] Josh: You did not see the first episode, watch it.

[00:06:42] Andrew: No spoilers for anybody but it is fun that you picked up on that and went with it, there's some fun stuff going on here on your Instagram. You do a lot of visual storytelling obviously, that's how you're getting folks to engage with your brand.

[00:06:59] Josh: Yes.

[00:06:59] Jenine: Yes.

[00:07:01] Andrew: What are you seeing when folks engage back with you? There's the push out that you all do with the content, but how are you seeing it come back at you?

[00:07:12] Jenine: I believe that something about our brand that has been sticking out since we started is that the people who are on our page really love the engagement. So we try to be aware of people who are DMing us, sharing us on their stories and we try to make them feel seen especially in the comments section, Josh does such a great job already with the art of making Tubby look like he's interacting with you. A lot of it is just talking to them, like regular people.

Sometimes in the comments, we respond just like we're a Tubby Nugget, like, "I hope you're having a great day", or, "I'm so proud of you for getting this done." I feel like that brings people back and makes it a lot easier for us to create because it feels like people are invested in this character.

[00:07:55] Andrew: It's almost like a flat standing, like people are taking it on trips, and it's in all these tagged photos, like, "There's baby Yoda doll with Tubby", which is hilarious. You said it was just for drawing, Josh, do you have a background in this kind of thing, or is it just like doodling and all of a sudden now here we are at almost 400,000 Instagram followers later, and you're like, "I got a business."

[00:08:25] Josh: I will say, I feel like my art journey is proof that anyone can be good at anything [laughs] if you just do it every single day. Putting in 10,000 hours because both of us came from a filmmaking background actually. I love doodling as a kid. I would draw on every single one of my homework notebooks. But then I never thought I was good enough to actually be an artist. I was like, "This is so hard. I'm going to be a filmmaker instead. I'll just shoot stuff with my camera."

[00:09:04] Josh: He's really humble, he has a really amazing VFX background.

[00:09:07] Josh: Yes. That's actually, ironically, doing visual effects for films has like helped with Tubby Nugget because there're some crossovers there.

[00:09:16] Andrew: Well and storyboarding, just understanding how I have four squares to work with and I have to tell a story on four squares, or, the next swipe is, I get 10 images or whatever on Instagram and I got to do it that way.

[00:09:31] Josh: When I started drawing these nuggets for Jenine, it was cute because she would call me nugget when we started dating and I was like, "This is such a stupid nickname." I would draw the nuggets on my phone with my finger, just as a joke. Eventually, we upgraded to the iPad, got the pen, and dude, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see the first drawings of Tubby Nugget. They're not good man

[laughter] But, you know, you just--

[00:10:02] Jenine: I think the character that we created for him was very wholesome.

[00:10:04] Josh: Yes then his personality shone through and then from the art side, I just kept doing it every day. Then, with every one, I was like, "Let's try and make it a little better, let's maybe try to make it a little more cinematic so we can do stuff like the Mandalorian comic, where it kind of draws from the color palette", and, yes, I'm grateful because I've always wanted to be an artist and Tubby Nugget has been both a chance for me to show my art and grow as an artist simultaneously. It's been really nice. I've never taken an art class, but this has been my art class.

[00:10:40] Andrew: I was going to say, you said, you always wanted to be an artist. Sounds like, Josh, you are an artist.

[00:10:44] Jenine: I know, [laughs] I say that often.

[00:10:45] Andrew: Right, that's easy to say.

[00:10:49] Josh: Yes, I guess by definition, yes.

[00:10:51] Andrew: You didn't always want to be an artist, you just needed this thing to bring that out. I think that that is a nice lesson that you can relate to the creative people of the world. I was reading on the page, though and this is funny, you're "Who We Are Situation".

[00:11:09] Jenine: [laughs] They have not updated that in so long.

[00:11:12] Andrew: I'm sure but, isn't there like-- I'm trying to remember what I saw, like the origin story of your relationship and how it tied in, or you're telling a story to Tubby or something like that? That's like your relationship story a little bit, right?

[00:11:26] Josh: Yes.

[00:11:27] Jenine: A little bit.

[00:11:28] Josh: Talking about how we started dating.

[00:11:32] Jenine: We literally just posted it on how we started dating story, what have you.

[00:11:36] Josh: It's funny, because some of our friends read it, and they were like, "I didn't know that's how", I was like, "Oh, we didn't tell you that story", you learn about every comment. But yes, we should be related to your--

[00:11:48] Andrew: Yes sure.

[00:11:49] It was it was in like, 2015 we had just met through a film fellowship program called Jubilee.

[00:11:56] Jenine: Jubilee media.

[00:11:57] Josh: Jubilee media, good friends of ours and I had just moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey. You, Jenine, you--

[00:12:06] Jenine: I was living in LA. I was getting my screenwriting degree. We met at this film program, Josh was directing the film that I worked on and crazy enough, we ended up seeing each other a couple of months after that.

[00:12:21] Josh: At first I was like, I didn't really know how to initiate. I was like, "Hey, Jenine, I'm new to California, you want to show me around", and saying, "Yes", so we went on, like four of these friended dates, then, afterwards, Jenine, you were like--

[00:12:46] Jenine: I thought he was fam-zoning me.

[00:12:48] Josh: She told me she thought she was going to have friend-zoning here.

[00:12:51] Jenine: Specifically fam, he called me fam a lot.

[00:12:52] Josh: [laughs] So then after that, like on a fifth date, besides a DTR as they say, I was about to drive her back and I was like, "Wait a second, Jenine, there's somethine I've got to tell you", and people can read from it from the comments after I told her. It was like, "The film fellowship, has taught us a lot about being honest and vulnerable with each other, but there's something I haven't been vulnerable with you about it and that's how I feel about you."

[00:13:24] Jenine: This is a podcast, right now I'm so glad. [laughs]

[00:13:27] Josh: I knew she liked to pun, I knew she likes pun. So I took out a bag and I was like, "Okay, I've got three items, this one and one is a calendar, it's got a bunch of dates on it. Number two, this is a bag of food, bag of dates, number three, I got a paintbrush archeologists just use this to date dinosaurs."

[00:13:46] Jenine: It's definitely not how archeologists date dinosaurs.

[00:13:48] Josh: She was just like, "What the--" I was like, "Just go over it. I think all these items will be useful, if we were to begin dating."

[00:13:54] Jenine: It's been five years.


[00:13:59] Josh: She said yes, surprisingly to that. Most people would say no, but she said yes because she loves puns. That's a little bit of our dating story.

[00:14:06] Andrew: Oh, that's hilarious. I saw that comic and I just was like, I got to get the actual story, or did you just make it up for the-- [crosstalk]

[00:14:13] Jenine: There is no improvisation in that story.

[00:14:14] Andrew: As content.

[00:14:16] Jenine: It's literally 100% accurate to what happened.

[00:14:19] Andrew: That's so funny. So you're selling stuff like crazy, you're launching new products you got the pins, which must be fun because those are a small thing for people to just add to a cart, you've got the stickers which of course I love sticker sheets are probably my favorite thing that we do.

[00:14:33] Jenine: Oh 100,000% the sticker sheets, they're amazing, all our friends have been getting them from us as well.

[00:14:40] Andrew: Are you seeing people engaged with those? I just looked at the tags really quick, those are for sale, they don't go in a box, you sell them as another product.

[00:14:50] Jenine: Actually, we did a little promo beforehand. For our launch, we put up 50 bundles of the new key chains and said if you-- but as a thank you, the first 50 people who buy, we're going to add in the two free sticker sheets and the two free pins and give you guys the bundle for $40 despite the value of the stickers and the pins being over that, and when we didn't think the 50 we're going to sell out, but when we went on live, they ended up selling out within the first 10 minutes and we were just like, "Okay, I think people wanted this a lot more than we expected", and then we ended up selling the bundle with the free stickers for the next two days.

"For the next two days, the bundle with the stickers is going to be--" not free, but stickers will be free in the bundle for everyone for the next two days and ended up selling a couple hundred more.

[00:15:44] Josh: It's a great way of adding value to.

[00:15:46] Jenine: People love stickers, they love stickers.

[00:15:50] Josh: Yes, and I think on the business side, our business coach often tells us, try not to discount your products, people just wait for the discount but add value to it and that is what-- I feel like that's what StickerGiant is great at. Just like, we were selling these stickers for $7 each, but it's really great to just put them in a package and give them to people as an incentive.

[00:16:20] Andrew: Your margins are pretty good. I was curious, so who makes these, where did you-- you had to come up with a design, you had to like shop it around, you had to have someone make your stuffy or whatever plushy-- sorry, we call them stuffies in our house, but then you have the pillow too. Then you have the keychains, these are three different sort of stuffed products that you have to build-- that someone has to make.

[00:16:44] Jenine: We have been working for the last few years with-- it was totally by chance, but a good friend of ours, her aunt owns a plush toy factory in Taiwan. They make plush toys for Disney and Marvel and all these really big clients and she was just like, "You guys should just talk to her maybe they'll be interested", this was back when we had like 10,000 followers but people were already asking, "Oh, does Tubby Nugget have a plush, and we were like, "I don't know what it takes to build a plush, but we can figure it out I guess."

So we talked to the factory. We told them about our mission statement, what we've been doing with Tubby and they were super amazing and we're just like, "Yes, we'll make the plush toys for you", and then--

[00:17:25] Andrew: Do you buy inventory?

[00:17:28] Josh: Yes.

[00:17:28] Jenine: Yes.

[00:17:30] Andrew: You're sitting on-- like Tubby has taken over your house then.

[00:17:33] Jenine: Yes, we have a storage unit now.

[00:17:35] Josh: Really improvised. We finally got a storage unit. [chuckles]

[00:17:37] Jenine: We are better than stuffing our housemate's garage for the first year that we were in business. The garage was just the warehouse of Tubby.

[00:17:47] Andrew: Wow, so you back your way into selling stuffed animals from a cartoon that you made up from a pet nickname in your relationship?

[00:18:01] Josh: That's very accurate, [chuckles] but I've never heard of that way before.

[00:18:05] Andrew: That's like the reverse engineering it that's pretty crazy because I just interviewed an entrepreneur a couple of weeks ago where like she made this dog food bowl but she had a prototype in a trade market and find manufacturing and all this fulfillment things, right that like, and the next question from that is like, "So what do you know now?" I asked her this too, because, she's talking about all the stuff she learned. I'm like, "But what if you hadn't had these beautiful accidents, that have come together to create your business? Now that you know what, you know, what would you recommend for someone who's doing this", because people are doing this like crazy right now, everyone's trying to come up with a business because of the times we live in.

[00:18:47] Jenine: All means there's more businesses opening up.

[00:18:49] Andrew: It's sad to see a lot of them going out of business, I see it in our business, they're going out of business but then at the same time, in that vacuum, those same people have that tendency to create and build. What would you say to people that are trying to create and build that you've learned along the way here?

[00:19:05] Jenine: I think something on my end, at least that I've learned, I know that Josh and I hadn't intended to start the business and so there were a lot of things we learned out of the blue. I don't know if we mentioned but we originally weren't planning to make this full time. What had happened was both of us were supposed to go into film full time and I had some health problems that led to doctors insisting that I take a year off of work.

Because that, I ended up needing to do something at home and needing to pursue something that brought me joy, and so I did a bunch of research, Josh continued drawing Tubby Nugget for me, I did the writing and we did the work. There is so much online access to amazing material. I learned how to form an LLC, I learned about you guys and I was like, "Oh, people love stickers because it represents their brand." I looked into great sticker companies and StickerGiant stood out. We actually have had your stickers for since before the plush toys.

[00:20:11] Andrew: Yes, you did and I remember seeing them when I still got to go to the factory before COVID. I was like, "I do not understand what this is." It's probably still in my desk. I remember researching and I'm always looking for story ideas, but I'm like, "I just don't get this." It felt like an inside joke.

[00:20:29] Jenine: [laughs] Yes, it was.

[00:20:31] Andrew: It was because you are telling me that it is.


[00:20:33] Jenine: But it - 

[00:20:35] Andrew: Then you start the plus thing again I just--

[00:20:39] Josh: Yes, I think the key was we just pursued what we were really passionate about. I know it's cliché to say, but I really think if you are starting a business in this pandemic, you got to be passionate about it. That's what's going to drive you. Ideally, you would find a match between what you are passionate about and what the market is asking for. Maybe just a little bit of adjusting for each, but yes. I think the fact that we are so passionate about this character, that we really love this character, we see the impact the character is having on other people, that really drives us.

Tubby Nugget Quote

[00:21:22] Jenine: Understanding that our audiences are just as human as we are has made sales a lot more simple to think about. It's so easy to identify when someone is just being salesy to be salesy, or actually is really intentional about their product, and what they are doing, and who they are talking to. I feel like that has played such a big role in our success, and the connections that we've made with our audiences. It's great because we always see people coming back and they become familiar to us. You see them and you are like, "Oh, I see you on the comments all the time, Amber", or, "I see you DMing us all of the photos of your nugget." Yes.

[00:22:01] Andrew: I was about to say, is there someone who actually got this thing tattoed on their body in real life with tattoo ink, is that for real?

[00:22:08] Jenine: [laughs] Yes.

[00:22:08] Josh: It's not the first one either.

[00:22:10] Andrew: Unbelievable. Astonishing.

[00:22:15] Josh: Yes, it is to me, an incredible honor, yes.

[00:22:17] Andrew: I mean that is a pretty high honor, Josh. I don't know, I just, wow.

[00:22:23] Jenine: That's your art.

[00:22:24] Josh: Yes, it's mind-blowing.

[00:22:24] Andrew: That's unbelievable. Not the first one though, well I shouldn't be so excited. Look at this dog with this thing in his mouth. Friends, you've got to go to the Instagram account. It's Tubby, T-U-B-B-Y Nugget. You got to check it out just so you can get some context for what I'm just gleefully loving here. Like you said, you just launched something new, what are you looking to do maybe next?

[00:22:51] Jenine: Oh, good question. We are currently actually working on a book proposal. It's a little lowkey right now, but we were reached out to by some agents and they are interested in publishing Tubby Nugget book. Now Josh and I are in the midst of figuring out how to write a book proposal. [chuckles] Also a lot of research, also a lot of hard work, but we are really excited and it helps that I have a writing background and Josh has an art background.

[00:23:23] Andrew: Right. It's very natural. What else from a marketing side? How are you trying to get in front of people other than just Instagram, that's where everyone's go to these days, Other platforms, Facebook is not a place to be positive anymore and Twitter is super-

[00:23:39] Jenine: I feel that. [chuckles]

[00:23:40] Andrew: What's that?

[00:23:41] Jenine: I definitely feel that.

[00:23:42] Andrew: Yes, it's just not working. For me especially, I know people love it, but I see you got this membership thing trying to get people to sign up on Paytree, and that's a standard play these days. What are marketing in a outreach, what are your avenues to get into new audiences?

[00:24:00] Jenine: Yes, right now we have a platform on WEBTOON as well that is growing. We also are trying to branch out a little more onto Facebook, Twitter space just to feel for what is working over there. It's strange because Facebook sometimes workes really, really well, and sometimes doesn't. We have not received any negative backlash yet on Facebook which is nice.

[00:24:22] Andrew: Yes, you got a wholesome thing going on. [chuckles] It's not--

Tubby Nugget Product Photo

[00:24:25] Josh: We've gotten some stuff on Reddit though.

[00:24:29] Andrew: Oh, really?


[00:24:31] Andrew: I don't want to go that rabbit hole or that Reddit hole if you will.


[00:24:37] Andrew: Sorry, dad joke. I was going to say we are big on gifs at StickerGiant. You know what I mean and this is really GIF worthy content.

[00:24:47] Jenine: Yes, actually, that's probably our second biggest platform, is Giphy.

[00:24:52] Andrew: Yes, Giphy for us, it's just incredible, yes. We track sales and website traffic and everything. You know what I mean?

[00:24:59] Jenine: Oh.

[00:24:59] Josh: Oh, Really?

[00:25:00] Andrew: Well, if you put the right links in there to the site, and we know where people are coming from or for all traffic, we can see that people are using the Gifs and then they translate into conversations for sales.

[00:25:11] Jenine: Fantastic.

[00:25:11] Josh: Oh, yes.

[00:25:13] Jenine: We have not tried that for Tubby, because we just uploaded a bunch of animated stickers to Giphy and we had-- We didn't have the Tubby Nugget tag on it, but one of the stickers went viral and started popping up on celebrity stories, so people were screenshotting it, and we were like, "Oh my God."

[00:25:31] Josh: That was crazy. I think we got 82 million views. No, no, is it 82?

[00:25:35] Jenine: It's at 132 now, 132 million.

[00:25:37] Josh: Having said that, I second guess myself, actually, it's 82 million views on a sticker that we uploaded to Giphy.


[00:25:48] Jenine: [chuckles] I don't know, their platform is amazing. I had no idea how impactful GIFs are going to be for us, but look at it now, it's an amazing avenue to be-

[00:25:58] Andrew: It's just those reactions, too. Reaction GIFs are everything. I've got my own fun ones that we made because that's my jam. It's fun, especially on a day like today, everyone's just losing their minds, but now that means that people associate that with StickerGiant too which is super helpful for the business side.

Lastly, though, this is an interesting thing you mentioned, you've got a business coach, how did that manifest? That seems like for young entrepreneurs who are entering a new space. How do you go about finding that or doing that?

[00:26:33] Jenine: Amazing, because it happened by chance again. A lot of things that happened in our business happened by chance. It's amazing that it happened when it did. Eugene Troy, he ironically was our Jubilee Fellowship director. When Josh and I met, he was the head of the program. Right after that, he had his first child.

[00:26:56] Josh: He went back to pharmacy too

[00:26:57] Jenine: Went back to pharmacy, and then realized that he wanted to be back in business full time. He put in the work and became a full-time coach, got hired by this really awesome coaching company. Then I started helping him out with his retreats on the side, and I was like, "Oh, this is really cool what you're doing." Then four years later, I was like, "Wait, Eugene is in business and small business coaching. We should talk to him", and for a year, he was consulting us for free, just because he loved us and wanted us to thrive. We just committed him full-time in July. May or?

[00:27:34] Josh: July.

[00:27:35] Jenine: Yes, July.

[00:27:37] Andrew: Well, that's really good because you do have to let go a little bit. We use coaches in our business. We run a program called Traction, [crosstalk] very good book. I highly recommend it to young entrepreneurs because it runs a program called EOS, which is the Entrepreneurial Operating System and it really helps delineate roles for folks like you all. There is two of you, there is the visionary and the integrator, and you create this ven diagram, where in the middle of course is the business, but you have different roles. Once you start hiring people it's become very good for us as we've grown because StickerGiant in the last three years or so has grown from-- Well, we've tripled our staff.

As soon as you start entering hundreds of people on your business, that means that you have to figure out a common language, et cetera, et cetera. It's good that you have a coach. That sounds like a really beneficial thing, and it also helps take that emotion out of it for you all. You know what I mean? You are clearly in the house, with the dolls.

[00:28:39] Josh: He's helped us manage our stress so much, I am very much a very like, "Come on we got to do this perfectly." I used to be a perfectionist, and it just wasn't healthy. It's really great. He really helped us with that.

[00:28:56] Andrew: Yes, right on, fantastic. Well, We are rooting for you and it clearly is just taken on a life of its own. Congrats for that.

[00:29:06] Jenine: Gosh, yes. We are glad to talk to you and to get to know you better. StickerGiant has obviously been super incredible for our business too.

[00:29:14] Andrew: I love that it started with a sticker, and now it's just a lot of things. Anything else you'd like folks to know, or things to look for from you all? Like I said, it's What else do you want people to know?

[00:29:30] Jenine: Well, you can follow us for more wholesome content @tubbynugget on Instagram, and we are really excited to meet new people all the time. Anything else for you Josh? We have a circle of live comic artists who also provide lovely content for everyone. You can find them on our page too.

[00:29:48] Josh: Tubby Nugget is our life. There is not really anything else to add-


[00:29:54] Jenine: This is what we do now, this our full-time job, and we love it.

[00:29:58] Josh: We do, we love it.

[00:29:59] Andrew: That is fantastic. Folks out there listening, thank you to Jenine and Josh. We appreciate what you're bringing to the table. This world definitely needs some positivity and whimsy, which clearly is your brand which I think is a great thing to dig into these days. We say on the show that every sticker has a story, but today's story is the Tubby Nuggets sticker sheet, which really has catapulted you all into this global powerhouse brand.

[00:30:33] Jenine: We're very grateful for it. Literally, the StickerGiant sticker sheet that you guys gave us, but also it's like homemade it's a combination of all our favorite comics. Maybe to answer that-

[00:30:48] Josh: Maybe look out for tubby nugget's Christmas sticker sheet.

[00:30:50] Jenine: Yes, we're going to be sending that sticker to you guys.

[00:30:55] Josh: You'll be hearing from us.

[00:30:59] Andrew: Oh, that's fantastic. Well, Jenine and Josh, thank you so much. Happy Halloween. We're on the Halloween weekend. I'm sure there'll be a Tubby Nugget, Halloween costume. I can't wait to see it and best of luck and we're rooting for you.

[00:31:14] Jenine: Thanks so much, we'll talk to you soon. Thanks, Andrew.

[00:31:18] Andrew: All right, everybody. I'm Andrew. This is Stickers on The Mic. Thank you so much for listening and like we always say every sticker has a story. What's yours?

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