Learn More About Paper Labels!

Custom Paper Labels are finished on a roll for easy application, and are indoor durable. Both Paper Label products have a permanent adhesive that is freezer durable, and are finished with a UV cured varnish for added durability. Our varnish finish is also safe for food packaging, making these labels a great option for refrigerated food items, and the grab and go label market. The paper material of these labels is tearable so you can easily add a tamper evident feature to your products. 

Paper Label Materials


Paper Labels printed on the Glossy Paper are digitally printed with a full color process and will show amazing detail in your designs with vibrant colors. Finished with a UV cured varnish, Paper Labels are safe for food packaging, and can be torn for easily adding a tamper evident feature to your packaging. Glossy Paper Labels are a great option for branding a variety of products from specialty sauces and pre-packaged foods, to nearly any product in an indoor setting. 





Paper Labels printed on the Matte Recycled White Paper are printed with a full color process on a sustainably sourced, recycled vellum material, that has a smooth matte finish. For eco-friendly products, or consumables such as delicious treats from a bakery, Matte Paper Labels are great for highlighting any bright colors in your designs on a clean white material. Matte Recycled Paper Labels have a smooth, glare-free finish, that will let your brand and products get noticed. 



If you are interested in learning more about our custom label options, be sure to check out our page on the different products we offer to help your brand stand out with your customers.