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About Matte Labels

If you want a sharp, high-end look for your product labels, make them matte! 

The smooth finish of our Matte Labels provides a unique way to enhance your designs and allows your product to stand out on shelves. We offer a minimum of 125 labels per design, with a maximum size of 11” x 14”. And because we love all the shapes, the custom cutting for any shape is free!

Our Matte Labels are printed on the same high-quality, durable material as our Glossy Labels, with a permanent, smooth, matte laminate finish. The final product is a one-layer label with a back-facing adhesive for a traditional feel during application. 

Your labels will come finished on a roll without perforations and can be easily applied by hand or a label applicator. When using a label applicator, we offer 4 rewind positions for the label rolls—top first, bottom first, right-side first, or left-side first. Your applicator will indicate which of these directions you should choose.

Plus, our full-color digital printing process makes it possible to have as few or as many colors as you want—we don’t charge extra color fees! You’re free to print the full rainbow (or just your brand palette.) Pro top: Matte labels show off color gradients beautifully!

Full transparency: We print with a rich black so the matte laminate won’t dull your labels, but if your product is highly color-critical, it could appear slightly less punchy once finished.

The quality of our label printing allows us to print small details clearly, including font sizes as small as 5pt. Just think of the fine print on your labels for ingredients, weights, legal disclaimers, or other important information your customers should know! 

Laser cutting also means rounded corners, which has the added benefit of preventing peeling once your labels are applied. See our artwork setup tips if you need tight corners!

Our Matte Labels are safe to be used as food labels for items already packaged, and work great for beverages of all types. These water-resistant labels will hold up strong in cold, wet environments—even freezers, but should be limited to indoor use only. Matte Labels are also water and oil-resistant and are dishwasher and microwave-safe. 

The label surface is writable, so you can customize additional details and simply write it on your label with a permanent marker. 

We have a fast print turnaround – our custom matte labels can be printed and shipped in 2 business days after you approve the proof.

Need help with your order? We have real, live humans behind our phones, emails and chats to answer any questions about our products or your orders.

We’re here to make your custom matte label experience the absolute best, with the highest quality materials, speedy printing, and outstanding service (with help from real people!) 

Applications & Uses for Matte Labels 

Having an identity crisis? Put a label on it! You can use Matte Labels for SO MANY things:

  • Great for food and beverage packaging, like bottles, jars, cans, bags, boxes…
  • Matte Labels have a premium look for limited edition or high-end products—the sleek finish gives off fancy vibes
  • Blank flavor labels (because you can write on them!)
  • Custom return address labels
  • Unique gift tag labels
  • Gussy up generic retail bags

Our Matte Labels are safe to be used as food labels for items already packaged, and work great for beverages of all types (cold beer here!) These water-resistant labels will hold up strong in cold, wet environments—even freezers, so you’ll never wonder the flavor of that delicious homemade ice cream.

Matte Labels are water and oil-resistant and are dishwasher and microwave-safe. 

Need one label for all the flavors? Matte Labels are great for this! These labels have a writable surface so you can add unique information or product details about flavor, quantity, or color. Permanent markers work best—just remember to leave some blank space in your design.

For best results:

  • Apply labels to clean, flat surfaces.
  • Our labels are even dishwasher and microwave-safe (so nobody will mistake their food storage containers for yours and eat your lunch…)
  • For indoor use only
  • Surface is writable! Use a permanent marker to add additional details
  • Go ahead and stick it!

Just Don’t:

  • Matte Labels are not outdoor durable. But our sticker options are! 
  • Labels cannot be perforated. If you need your rolls to have perforations between the labels, you will need to order our sticker product.
  • You are not able to print on these labels (like running them through an inkjet printer)
  • Don’t do anything your mom wouldn’t appreciate, but that’s just generally good advice.

Ready to get started? Here’s what to expect when you order your custom labels. 

Step 1
Once you place your order, expect a snazzy email with a proof of your artwork within just 1 business day. And hey, don't be surprised if our creative wizards pop a few questions your way – it's all part of our mission to make your proof absolutely perfect. 

Step 2
Approve your proof! You will get an email notification once your proof is ready to approve - then you go into your account and click approve!

  • See something that needs to be changed in your proof? No problem! We're here to help, and can make some minor adjustments and revisions. After all, we're not happy until you're head-over-heels in love with your labels.

Step 3
Ready, Set, Print! Your order will be on the production line and ready to ship in just 2-4 business days. As soon as you give your thumbs-up to the proof, we'll hit the 'print' button faster than you can say 'labels'!

Step 4 
Final Stretch to Your Door! We've got it all under control from here. Your labels will be printed, cut, and ready to embark on their journey to your doorstep. Choose how fast they travel! Opt for Expedited Shipping at checkout, and you could be peeling and sticking in as little as 1 business day. Or, opt for more of a 'take-it-easy' approach and select Ground Shipping, and they'll be with you in 4 business days or more. Whatever you choose, we can't wait for you to see them!

Artwork Setup Tips for Matte Labels

Make sure your files are set up for success! 

For the best possible product, we recommend the following for your art files:

  • 300 dpi resolution or higher for printing
  • Ensure your file’s color space is set to CMYK (otherwise colors may appear off)
  • Upload any of these file formats: AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, PDF, or EPS
  • Vector or high-resolution raster art files are preferred for best results
  • There are some size limitations with our labels – our smallest size is 1”x1” and our largest size is 11”x14”.
  • We require a ⅛” safety margin surrounding your entire label, so keep that in mind when setting up your design. 
  • If you are looking to wrap your labels all the way around something (like a small tube or curved jar, etc) we recommend making the size about ¼” larger so that you can overlap the label. 
  • There may be specific requirements in your industry for labels! Please make sure you check those to ensure your labels are set up accordingly and include all necessary information.

Cutting Corners (Literally—We never cut corners figuratively):

  • Laser cutting also means rounded corners, which has the added benefit of preventing peeling once your labels are applied. Depending on your designs, we are able to cut tighter corners in many cases.
  • To cut tight corners for your Matte Labels, let us know in the Additional Comments box in your cart. 
  • Our design team will let you know if we can cut tight corners with your designs.
  • Our typical corner radius is 1/8" (0.125"). Our tight corner radius will be 1/25" (0.04").

Need art help?

We offer graphic art support! Our design team is here to help ensure your files are set up for perfect printing. We can even make easy corrections if needed – the simpler the art, the more we can help.

Material: 2.6 mil white polypropylene

Liner: 40# super calendared liner

Adhesive: All-temperature emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive

Lamination: 1.4 mil matte finish general purpose lamination