Medical and Health Product Labels

More than making a product look nice, or conveying a brand to a customer, custom labels often have important information we need to know as consumers printed on them. Let’s take a look at how custom product labels can brand your products while still getting your customers the details they need.

Medical and Healthcare Labels

/Hand-sanitizers-with-custom-printed-labels-and-labels-on-a-roll-printed-by-StickerGiantIn health and medical industries, it is important to have specific information on your packaging. When using labels, it’s important to make sure they are durable and will hold up through the delivery and use of your products. Our laminated product labels are meant to hold up against moisture and oils, and lamination protects your product details from potential scuffs during delivery and use.

For medical and wellness product labels needing this durability, we recommend using Glossy, Matte, or Clear Labels. All of these label types are printed in full color process which means fine details and smaller fonts can be printed clearly.  Clear Labels are nice when you want to show your customer the product through the packaging and your label design. Matte Labels have a smooth laminate that is glare-free, and can be written on as needed with a permanent marker.

Custom Stickers as Labels for Added Durability

Graphic-of-a-Thermometer-with-custom-labeling-to-show-an-example-of-how-custom-labels-can-be-used-for-packaging-medical-devices-with-custom-labels-printed-at-StickerGiantMedical devices that may be subjected to additional transit, storage over longer periods of time, or exposure to different climates can also be labeled with Glossy Die Cut, Glossy Kiss Cut, or Clear Stickers, which are finished with a heavier, UV-resistant laminate. This laminate provides a strong waterproof and outdoor-durable protection that works great for when you need a label to hold up in outdoor or high-usage conditions.

All of our custom labels are printed on a roll for easy application, and you can get Kiss Cut or Clear Stickers printed on rolls, too. If you need your designs oriented on a roll in a specific direction for application purposes, we can do that for you, too. Just let us know when placing your order and we’ll take care of it.

Things to Think About When Designing Labels for Health or Medical Products

When designing informational labels for medical products or devices, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Graphic-of-a-Vitamin-C-bottle-with-a-Custom-Label-as-an-example-of-a-health-product-label-that-can-be-printed-on-roll-by-StickerGiantBe sure your labels have all the information required in your industry. For example, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) requires all medical products and devices be labeled with durable, easy to read labels that will hold up during use of your products. The medical cannabis industry also has packaging and labeling requirements that will vary by your location and the type of product you are packaging.
  • All of our custom labels are digitally printed with a full color process, and your font size can be as small as 5pt on light or dark-colored backgrounds. Check out our page How to Set Up Labels to learn more about getting the perfect setup for your designs and packaging requirements in your industry.
  • Custom labels are available with free custom shapes so you can match the shape of your labeling to your packaging. For best results with any shape of label you choose, be sure to measure your packaging carefully for a professional finish. Our page on choosing the right size for your labels has some useful tips and recommendations that can help you get the best results.
  • For light sensitive products such as health supplements or CBD oils packaged in dark colored glass jars, we recommend a Glossy or Matte Label. These types of labels are printed on a white material that will decrease the amount of light that is able to be filtered through the label, especially if your label is designed to cover the majority of your packaging surface.
  • To get the best results with Clear Labels you will need to have a vector graphic of your designs. This type of art file makes it possible to have a white layer of ink printed behind your designs, which adds opacity and helps your artwork stand out against a colored background. If you are not sure what type of art file you have, or want to learn more you can check out our page on Vector vs Raster Graphics.

Making sure all of your product information is easy to find and read in your packaging will build trust with your customers.