Access Gallery presents Stick'em Up Chuck

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." - Edgar Degas

Access Gallery has used extra stickers from our production to give to artists with disabilities with the purpose of creating art. The result is an awesome exhibit called Stick'Em Up Chuck.

Access Gallery is part of the VSA Colorado which supports individuals with disabilities to be able to aspire to have careers in the arts. Access Gallery is the cornerstone of their work where they setup exhibits of artists with disabilities on a regular basis. They reside here in Denver, Colorado in the Santa Fe Art District and feature a free gallery open to the public.

So where did stickers come in to play? During the sticker manufacturing process, we see a fair amount of extra stickers that stack up and get used for various things. This is where our own piece of art, Saul the Largest Sticker Ball was born. Access Gallery by way of a third party came across a box of our stickers and the gears started spinning. The key to their art is that it is accessible art.
"Accessible art takes many forms, we consider cost, availability and workability of a material. Many art materials are also expensive and not easily transported. For this culmination of our Fall Residency programs explores all things sticky, tacky, tapey and tactile.  We wanted to see what we could really do with every day objects that need little if any artistic talent. We have a portrait of Chuck Norris, Santa and his reindeer made of tape and have completely re-imagined a thrift store sculpture. Many of these pieces were created by people with significant physical and mental disabilities."

Tonight marks the kickoff of the Stick'em Up Chuck exhibit featuring lots of stickers worked into several of the art pieces. The exhibit will run until February 3rd and features a Meet the Artist night on January 20th.

Get out to support the sticker accessible arts and these great artists' work.