ADstruc Marketplace

ADstruc Custom Shaped Stickers printed by StickerGiant

ADstruc is an auction and listing-based marketplace for outdoor advertising. You can list your outdoor advertising slots for $1/slot/month there and buyers can browse and buy them online on the ADstruc public marketplace (the house gets 15%). Or you can get a private marketplace with logins for your pre-approved buyers. I'm gonna make up a quote now from StickerGiant founder John Fischer, who was an ad buyer in another life:
"ADstruc is a revolution in outdoor advertising. They provide services and tools that completely change the game, making it so much easier to include outdoor advertising in a campaign that it's not funny. Really. This is serious stuff so you shouldn't make fun of it, Pete. Get with the program."

Well, if it fictionally came out of the mouth of John Fischer, that's good enough for me. ADstruc has a blog where they've posted all sorts of interesting stuff about the platform and videos where people talk about it on TV and stuff. Here's what they say about themselves:
A little background on ADstruc:  We are an online marketplace for outdoor advertising.  The outdoor advertising industry is a $6B business that operates completely offline. We bring the industry online and give buyers and sellers tools that they simply never had before.  We are going to make buying billboards as easy as buying AdWords on Google.  ADstruc launched on August 5th this year and already partnered with over 100 companies.

And they get their stickers from StickerGiant. Here's proof:

A pile of ADstruc Custom Stickers with StickerGiant Logo Sticker