Alltop Business Card Sticker

Guy Kawasaki has great ideas, so when he calls me with business advice I listen carefully. Guy wanted a sticker that doubled as a business card, so cool, so simple. I had to do it, so I designed a sticker that when you peeled it you were left with a actual business card....

I wanted the end result to kick butt so we did a bunch of R&D, had a couple of false starts, but finally came up with a process that works, and it works well. We are developing pricing for this product, so if you want one, let us know, we'll make one for you too.



  1. The business card printing is under the sticker?? I would like it better (giving or receiving one) if the card printing was on the back of the sticker backing (i.e. there's a sticker on the back of my business card!)

  2. It would be cool if you could have the same or similar image under the sticker (to preserve the aesthetic of the business card), and the contact info printed on the other side.

  3. Hmmm, I like this Idea. I once did some business card placements in a tanning parlor. I glued a business card to the top of the( clear business card) holder and it made it impossible to run out of cards, and it also discouraged others from taking my holder!

  4. Totally cool idea! Can you post cost for usual biz card dimensions, 500 increments?

  5. It seems from the video, the info is printed on the card side that is under the sticker.

    Wouldn't it be better to print on the other side so the info is available without having to peel the sticker off?

    For example if you were somewhere where you needed the info but wasn't about to stick the sticker on something.

    Then maybe print some special hidden thing under the sticker like "Thanks for Sticking With Alltop" or something.

    I did a version of this that was a post-it note/business card combo where it was basically a regular card with a post it stuck on the complete backside to remind about an upcoming event.

  6. Printing can be on either side of the sticker backing, you choose, either the biz card can be a surprise, or the sticker can serve as a card with the sticker attached.

    As far as pricing, ones just like the Alltop version would be a working time and costs would be:

    Prints in 3-days

    500 $500 $1 each
    1000 $620 $.62 each
    2000 $825 $.41 each
    3000 $850 $.28 each
    5000 $990 $.20 each
    10000 $1,500 $.15 each

    artwork can change the way we print these and thus change the costs...

    be sure to mention this blog post for free shipping....

  7. without telling the person its a sticker card you could also print on sticker to let them know. many times I\'ll just leave a card on a restuarant table as I leave or in a coffee shop etc. This way the finder would know how to use . I did business card stickers in the 90\'s sinceI was in the commercial/flexo printing field( still in printing biz) . Customers loved it . It was just a peel and stick business card though. this takes it to another level . good idea.

  8. Brilliant! Peeling off the sticker is part of the engagement and discovery. Peel off = surprise! Just like finding the toy in the Cracker Jack box. Plus TWO ways to get your name out.

    Having the sticker on one side and the business card on the other side is predictable and misses the point. Some people might not even peel the sticker. How boring.

  9. I'm with several of the other commenters. Print the business card on the back of the sticker. That way it's still a business card while the user is looking for a surface to deface.

  10. Love the idea, but still struggle with providing means to deface property. Could stickers have Post-It-type glue so removal could be EZ? I do like the surprise element of having to remove the sticker to see the idea.

  11. Wildernessmed..... that follows the gun control argument, responsible people will use stickers (or guns) in a responsible manner and irresponsible people will use stickers (guns) in a irresponsible manner. We live in a free society.

    what about stickers that say"do not litter"?

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