Arrowhead Grill

Business Card Stickers for the Arrowhead Grill in Arizona that were printed by StickerGiant

Attention, people who like food: If you're in the Phoenix area and are looking for a good meal, we have the feeling Arrowhead Grill won't disappoint.
From the moment you first set eyes on an Arrowhead Grill steak, you know you're in for a special meal. The searing steak, still cooking in an iron skillet as it's brought to your table, is a work of perfection, and a savory one at that. It's this searing, savory first impression that sets the tone for all of Arrowhead Grill's hand-selected menu items. From the Coconut Battered Shrimp to the AG Butter Cake, each mouth-watering menu item has the personal touch of Chef Charles Wade Schwerd, a Valley culinary hot ticket for almost two decades.

See what we mean? You feel full and satisfied just reading that, don't you? Oops, we just drooled on our keyboard!

There's a special art to writing about food. It is believed that the first restaurant review was published in 1859. Since then, everyone and their dog has become a critic. And in the past decade, our society has become more than a little food-obssessed (hello, TV shows about cake decorating?). Even kid's movies talk about food critics! In our p(l)umped-up society, there are but two paths for the restaurant reviewer: Go incognito or become an unintentional media darling. Us? We're just here for more of that coconut shrimp!