Artist Spotlight: Giraffes and Robots


It's art the makes you smile. Giraffes and Robots was started by an artist, Atabey Sánchez-Haiman, whose goal is to block out all the bad and negative things in the world with bright and cheery artwork conveyed in multiple ways including fun colorful custom stickers.

It all started as a kid and a dream to someday be an Astronaut. The pursuit of this dream and lots of time in biology labs being creative in scientific ways did not fulfill Atabey. Then one day through travel and inspiration from other artists, the painting of giraffes and robots began and so began her career as an artist.
"Many express surprise at the switch from science to art, but I believe that art and science complement each other beautifully. My studio is full of tins, jars, souvenirs, boxes, toys, papers, postcards, illustrations, books, photos and many other items I’ve collected during my travels. All are sources of inspiration for my work. I am an astronaut after all because I discover, create and explore new worlds everyday."

Giraffes and Robots has tons of great designs and illustrations, check them out.


We love art and seeing it turned into colorful, fun stickers is the best perk of what we do in custom sticker printing.