Bean Voyage: Helping Female Coffee Farmers


Rise and shine to the smell of roasting coffee beans as Bean Voyage is on a mission to help female coffee farmers enter the market.

It's all about connections. Bean Voyage discovered, out of running training programs for youth and women in Costa Rica, that there was a huge gender disparity that was a barrier to female farmers putting in hard work to produce premium quality coffee. A lot goes into the farming side of coffee to get it produced but only 8% of the sales even go to the farmer.
"Women farmers do 80% of the work in coffee farms, but earn 39% less income than male farmers."

Where Bean Voyage comes in is to help model a business out of the farming. They help with training, from packaging to financing. Next, they take on the administration side of the business with the connection to the consumers with marketing. Finally, all the logistics involved of delivering the quality coffee. All of this helps female farmers increase their wealth.

As Bean Voyage is just getting started on this journey to help others, they came to us for custom circle logo stickers to spread more goodwill of their mission. It's a simple design turned sticky billboard but the story behind it is doing a lot of good.