Beard is the Answer


Pretty simple statement made even better by being printed as a custom sticker. MANE MANAGEMENT is all about encouraging beards and the products to maintain them right.

Beards are on the rise and men everywhere are looking to keep them fresh and clean. The idea behind MANE MANAGEMENT came from smelling as good as you look and pine scented beard oils were not working for the smell.
"Being a bearded man I simply could not find a good smelling oil that did not leave me smelling like a tree wedged in a lumberjack’s backside. I can’t speak for you, but I am not about that life."

They are a family owned and Veteran operated shop out of Tennessee. MANE MANAGEMENT offers an assortment of beard oils, beard balms, bar soaps and an epic beard sticker pack. Their stickers for the pack are awesome sauce, with a twist on their beard logo as the hair and beard styles change in each one. The three designs feature a bearded Sugar Skull, "Bearded" nicely stated across another and our favorite, "Beard is the Answer." They were all printed as Kiss Cut Stickers which have a UV laminate so your beard stickers can be rep'd on your car, laptop or anywhere else you feel like slapping them. MANE MANAGEMENT also prints up custom clear logo stickers so they can promote their brand in a variety of ways.

Big shout to MANE MANAGEMENT for not only these great beard designs but for utilizing them to create some awesome stickers for people to properly express their bearded style.