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It's hard being this awesome, it truly is. We here at StickerGiant work really hard to make sure you not only get the exact right sticker for your company, brand or business, but that you are happy with it, too. Our Sticker Experts are trained in the art of stickery, and have all of the information to help you make your sticker experience a positive one.

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Jason Wolfe Musician Left a Testimonial for StickerGiant Jason Wolfe

"When your customer service experience is as good as it is with StickerGiant, you will go back to them for repeat business. They have the quality. My stickers go on music gear & get banged up a lot. Some other bands give me cheap stickers that quickly peel off my stuff. Not my StickerGiant stickers. They stay. The price is competitive. Go ahead, snoop around."



"I needed an emergency order done and sent.  Tom and his team really came through both on quality and speed. The artwork I submitted was rendered perfectly - and even though I had made an error on the sticker dimensions, the work was done correctly and perfectly and FAST. As a small business owner, I am happy to support other small businesses that provide great merchandise and top-notch service.  StickerGiant is one such business."


Wow - thanks, guys! We really appreciate your continued support and commitment to StickerGiant. These are just a few of the many testimonials we've received from sites all over the internet such as SiteJabber, Yelp and even our very own blog. We have very high standards when it comes to quality, so it's nice to see you enjoying our hard work!

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