Darth Vader Star Wars patch


Someone's on a Star Wars kick around here: check out this super-cool Darth Vader patch. Makes us think of the OBEY sticker campaign created by Shepard Fairey (we have a soft spot for anyone who can spawn an international craze for stickers).

That Darth Vader was one tough customer. He tried to light saber his own kid! But do you think he would have seemed half as terrifying without John Williams' score to punctuate those flowing robes? And while it was David Prowse who filled the black suit and stalked around, it was James Earl Jones who delivered his singularly eerie voice.

Since we first met the character in 1977 there have been lots of, ahem, "inspired by" tributes to the helmeted leader of evil, including a very popular Super Bowl commercial. There's even a slime beetle named for this most iconic of villians. But our favorite riff on Darth Vader has to be this one.