Do You Put Stickers on Your Car?

Car Sticker Lover Vs. Car Sticker Hater?

StickerGiant has been in the sticker manufacturing business for a long time, which seems to make us more interested in where sticker enthusiasts place their product.  We've recently noticed a high number of collectors in the area driving around in cars plastered with more than your average amount of bumper stickers and thought it might be interesting to weigh in on this phenomena.

Though many of us are sticker lovers, not everyone agrees about the appropriate places to adhere stickers, especially those who have ever toiled with the painstaking process of removing them.  On the other hand, sticker removal is something that the makers of Goo Gone probably appreciate.

This week a self proclaimed anti-sticker advocate explained to us that bumper stickers are not only a pain to remove, they also lower resale value on vehicles. This person made a fair argument, so we set out to see if we could find solutions to this problem and to seek an opinion from the public.

We know that some people do not appreciate when car owners place stickers on their vehicles, while others see it as personality defining. Where do you fall on the sticker loving scale? Have you found solutions that enable you to live in both worlds?

Comment below and let us know why you are a Car Sticker Lover or a Car Sticker Hater:

Below find a sweet video we found from @Drawthebase on How to Remove Car Decals:


  1. Heck yes I do....If I have duplicates I'll keep one in case I need to replace original! I've got them on my 2005 Ford F150 and my 2013 Acer CPU tower and monitor!

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