Getting Buzzed Honeys

Custom Glossy Labels for Buzzed Honeys printed by StickerGiant

All the buzz is coming from Los Angeles and it has nothing to do with Hollywood. Buzzed Honeys is maintaining small batches of hyper-local honey from backyard hives to make some delicious honey.

Buzzed Honeys is spread out all over the Los Angeles area harvesting fresh honey. They also have some guest raw urban honey spots in Chicago and Denver.

The variety of flavors is great too with the Raw Avocado Blossom Honey being featured on their premium white label seen above. Their black and white design with splashes of color look really nice in balance to their colorful array of honey flavors.

Whether harvested, baked, or brewed; make sure to dress up your products with premium white labels to create some buzz.


  1. Really nice labels and great product!

  2. Thanks for saying so, Linda. Buzzed Honeys is awesome.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, StickerGiant! Check your inbox for photos of the jars with your excellent labels!

  4. Anytime, David. Love seeing our labels used for honey. We appreciate the photos too.

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