Great Balls of Ice!


Do you love whiskey? Goodness gracious, is it your favorite libation of all time?

If you're a true aficionado of fine whiskey, you know that great glass can be ruined with a shovel full of the wrong ice.

Let us bear witness to the Whiskey Ice Company's revolutionary product:

The Spherical Ice Ball Maker.

Holy cow, this marvelous new tool is pure genius and sure to be the envy of your scotch-swilling friends, neighbors, and relatives.

It does one thing, and one thing only ...

It makes Ice Balls with the utmost precision, just like our digital sticker printing system.

Well, okay ... our digital press doesn't carve ice balls. But it does slice, dice and the most magnificent custom round stickers in the Western Hemisphere ... like this black beauty we recently cranked out for the Whiskey Ice Company. It's a classic white on black reverse with text set in circle and drop-shadowed logotype that nails home the old-time look.

So fine!


  1. Thanks guys, we love our Sticker Giant stickers, almost as much as we love whiskey.

  2. You are sure welcome Clint! We've got to try the product for ourselves. Is there a retail location close by where we can get one?

  3. We are working with several retailers to get these in "brick and mortar" stores, but for now all of the retail outlets (including our own) are online only.


    Director of Strategic Sales
    The Whiskey Ice Co.

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