Custom Rectangle Stickers for greenwerks a cannabis company

[Editor's note: Greenwerks is now Green Dragon Colorado.]

Well it's no mystery what Greenwerkz does. It's right there on the bumper sticker.
Greenwerkz is a Colorado business made up of caregivers to provide services and products in Colorado. We currently provide or give referrals to the following services at our locations:

  • Cannabis counseling/sales

  • Tinctures and edibles

  • Nutraceuticals and wellness products

  • Acupuncture, massage and chiropractic service by appointment.

  • Nutritional Therapy and counseling

  • Delivery services and in-house caregiving services for patients unable to make it to our stores.

They've got locations in the Denver area:

The most interesting thing they do: free-range organic cannabis.
Greenwerkz Free Range Organic is a proprietary soil based organic method of growing that enables plants to grow indoors the way nature intended. No force feeding of minerals no pesticides 100% natural. Our broad range of strains, created in our microstrainery, contain no chloride or fluoride going the extra step for our patients. Our product is grown in a state of the art facility in a zone 5 indoor environment year round. Our focus is on quality and consistency every harvest. The customer can expect the cleanest, tastiest product on the market.

Now, I think that "free range" is a little silly when it comes to describing how a plant is grown – it's the animals that range free after all – but the idea of organic, locally-produced no-pesticide cannabis is a sound one. Localvore. Is there a word for "smoke local?"