Greer Amps Rock


If you love playing loud music on any kind of guitar, Greer Amps has the top quality pedals and amps with rockin' custom stickers to go with them.

Based in the beautiful town of Athens, Georgia; Greer Amps started out on a mission to provide the highest quality ways to get the most of your stringed instruments. They have a colorful assortment of pedals, that not only produce amazing effects, but have the best names of any guitar pedals seen like Pork 'N' Beans Boost (Weezer, anyone?). In addition, they have stacks upon stacks of amazing amps with all of them hand built with a focus on all the little details.

Once you set up your guitar with some Greer Amps' pedals and a quality amp, they throw in some custom white vinyl stickers to get you to sing their praises to the world. They feature their popular Lightspeed Organic Overdrive pedal on one and have a different logo design stickers to mix in to the giveaways.

Guitars and stickers rocking together thanks to Greer Amps.