How to Choose the best Custom Sticker Size?


Ordering custom stickers and labels is a fun process, especially as a new business. At StickerGiant, we focus on making it as easy as possible to get that order placed online without ever having to pick up the phone or talk to one of our Customer Service Team.

We strive to make the ordering process relatively straight forward, select the type, shape, size and upload artwork. However, one part of ordering that can always leave one scratching their head is the size selection. How big is a 2x2 inch circle?

Whether a craft brewer is getting the first set of logo stickers printed to give out in the tap room or a baker is dressing up their outgoing order of fresh cookies with a roll of custom labels. It's fun to see your brand be stuck to something for the first time. Think about the end use of what you are getting. Is it that new trendy sticker going on the back of car windows that will be seen all around town? Is it going to be placed on a laptop with other stickers? Is it a specific size needed for packaging?

Sticker size does matter and sometimes a quick visual is all it takes to decide. Check out the video below, that we put together to help give a you few references for your choice. If you're just getting started, we have some helpful tips and more about what to consider when choosing the size for your custom stickers and labels in our resources.