Johnny Cash Museum


"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." The infamous introduction used so many times by one of the greatest musicians, known also as the Man in Black. The Johnny Cash Museum in Tennessee is keeping his story alive and letting it be known with custom logo stickers.

The Johnny Cash Museum is a collection of hundreds of artifacts and interactive exhibits giving people an in depth look into the life of Johnny Cash. It is located in Nashville, Tennessee, known as the home of the blues, which was also a song by Johnny Cash. They are officially authorized by the Estate of Johnny Cash and it's the most comprehensive collection in the world. The museum additionally features a gift store and a cafe on site.

With their logo design featuring the Man in Black himself, they printed up some custom circle stickers with their name and location on it. These kiss cut stickers are outdoor durable so they make a great offering to people visiting to share their experience by tagging that sticker on car windows, luggage, laptops or maybe even a guitar case.

The Johnny Cash Museum found their rhythm with the story of one of the all time greats and loaded with these stickers are keeping his story front and center.

"Get a rock 'n' roll feelin' in your bones, put taps on your toes and get gone, get rhythm when you get the blues."