Kopis Designs: The STK Project


Tools are part of our everyday life. From the ones we utilize for work to the ones we need at home. Kopis Designs has created two tools that can be used for more than one job and are just getting the product kicked off with custom logo stickers.

The STK Project just went live on Kickstarter on November 1st. It features a multi tool that is ready for anything.
"We believe in the saying that “there is a tool for every job,” but that there are definitely some tools that can do more than one. The STK and Rift, however, are unique in quite a few ways. Both are feature-packed, functionally-designed tools with Every Day Carry in mind."


The pledge goal was $5,000 and in a matter of days they have already blown past it to over $15,000 with 93 backers. Kopis Designs made the most basic level of support feature their custom logo sticker and then at each level going up the sticker was included regardless of what else came with the backing. This is a great way to not only offer something tangible for the investment but also start to spread the brand quickly.

Check out this quick video of their STK tool in action.