Label Stickers: Where Form Meets Function


Stickers are totally fun, right? We certainly think so. They bring back a sense of childlike wonder, just like when we used to cover our notebooks with everything Lisa Frank and Fraggle Rock in grade school. Stickers are totally cool, super affordable and just plain all-around awesome. But did you know they can also be full of information and instructions?

I'm sure you did, whether or not you're aware of it. Think about it: what would you do without the Poison Control sticker on your fridge, or the sticker on your fuse box that tells you how to safely switch electricity on and off? These are called label stickers, and their function is just what you'd expect - to label something for your information. In this post's sticker example, you'll have all the most important phone numbers for assistance should you ever need that type of service. Again, what would you do without this handy sticker to remind you when you need it most?

f you need a sticker that really stands out in low light conditions, StickerGiant offers reflective labels in a number of colors. Want a sticker for that jar of homemade salsa you started making to sell? Check out the custom product and bottle labels. Any size, any industry, for whatever reason - label stickers are truly where form meets function.

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