Leaf & Limb Organic Kombucha


Maui, Hawaii. Sounds nice right now, doesn't it? Hawaii offers a lot of things... queue sandy, white beaches with the sound of waves lapping against the shore as you rest in a nice resort. Maui has more to offer than that, such as a great, rich location for growing. Leaf & Limb is hard at work growing and making fair trade kombucha in Maui.

What is Kombucha? It is a probiotic tea. What are the benefits of a probiotic tea? Leaf & Limb explains, "The probiotic organisms in fermented food and drinks help your body acquire more nutrients from food, fight off pathogens and harmful organisms, balance your alkaline/acid levels, remove toxins, and so much more."

The awesome part of Leaf & Limb is their organic and health focused nature. They label their teas with a fantastic logo symbolizing the creation of living foods with the coming together of the hand and the leaf embracing the growing branch. This awesome design digitally printed in full color on a premium white sticker makes an awesome label and promotion of their tasty kombucha.

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