Leavenworth Mountain Retro Print


While the Cascades boasts the highest peaks, Washington State is home to a spectacular array of mountain ranges. The Leavenworth Mountain Association celebrates the Wenatchee Range, in south-central Washington's Chelan County.

Leavenworth Mountain Association’s mission is to foster safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious mountain recreation through the establishment of high quality educational programs and the development of community resources for youth and adults in the Greater Wenatchee Valley.

This gorgeous circular sticker uses flat colors to great effect. The sticker appears to be a traditional linoleum block or wood cut print at first glance, when in fact, it's digitally printed. Super cool. Super retro ... kinda like the town of Leavenworth, which was was modeled after a Bavarian village back in the 1960s.

And now, for some trivia ...

Wenatchee Valley is host to acres upon acres of apple orchards and has earned the moniker "Apple Capital of the World."

Q: What is the most popular apple grown in Washington State?

  1. Gala

  2. Granny Smith

  3. Red Delicious

  4. Fuji

  5. Golden Delicious







A: According to the Washington State University, the Red Delicious remains the most popular apple grown in Washington State, holding a 30% market share (as of 2010).

 [Editor's Note: The Leavenworth Mountain Association blog has been removed from Blogger, but we've preserved their sticker story because we sure love them apples...and those mountains.]