Matrix Robotics


Coming soon to a basement workshop near you: A fully programmable, LEGO-integrated robot of your own crafting, courtesy of MATRIX Robotics.
MATRIX Robotics was created in 2011 by a group of experienced robotics enthusiasts who have spent the past 15 years working and playing with robots. The people at MATRIX set out to design the robotics system they’ve always wanted and the result was the MATRIX Robotics System; a high quality, affordable, 3D build system. The people at MATRIX Robotics created this innovative system because they believe that hands on robotics is a great way to learn science, technology, engineering and math and are committed to making robotics accessible to more students worldwide. MATRIX products can be purchased through local distributors.

Sweet! Word is, the goods are coming out later this year. We can hardly wait! Can't you just imagine all the kids who will build a robot just to tease their sister, brother, cat, or dog? Simultaneously? Next thing you know, we've got robots everywhere. In the kitchen. At Burning Man. Yep, even in the litter box. Not even the dance floors of our fair country will be safe.