Yes, that is a picture of three creepy dudes riding through space on an even creepier burrito. Come on, give the guys a break: They’re just excited about the stickers we printed to promote the Nerdist channel on YouTube, which is described thusly:

‘Nerd’ is defined as – WAIT. You’re here to watch videos. If you’re passionate about comedy, gaming, music, comic books, puppets and magic, then you are going to find hours of video rapture here. If not, then the robots have already won.

Nerdist is the spawn of comedy geek overachiever, Chris Hardwick.

In his spare time, Ensign Hardwick is attempting to build an evil nerd empire under the moniker “Nerdist Industries”, which includes: a wildly popular blog at, a top ten (and sometimes even number one) comedy podcast on iTunes recently named as one of the top 10 best comedy podcasts by Rolling Stone, a following of 1.3 million delightful supplicants on Twitter (befitting his selection by Time Magazine as one of the 140 most influential people on Twitter), a book, “The Nerdist Way …and his very own social network called “The Node”, each of which makes up a different arm of a growing corporate beast that Hardwick hopes, “…will one day bring destruction and ruin to the mouth-breathing, jock masses…paving the way for a world where video games are free, Cheetos are currency and robot concubines vigorously endeavor to sate our sexual thirsts.”

Um, we can neither confirm nor deny that last part. But Cheetos as currency? You’ve got to be kidding! We can think of nothing worse than getting that orange cheese dust all over our pockets, wallets, and the cash register at the Wawa. Surely Chester can think of something more appropriate.