Now Printing: Sandwiches!


I'll admit it. When I first heard that we had the ability to print sandwiches here at StickerGiant, my imagination ran away with me. First I dreamed of the fabled Chicken Salad Sandwich on Wheat Toast from Five Easy Pieces.

"You've got bread, and a toaster of some kind?"

That dream soon morphed into into a marvelously gloppy Philadelphia Cheese Steak, dripping with gooey cheese product and sizzling steak, green peppers and onions, right off the grill and smothered in Heinz catchup. Geno's or Pat's? I dunno!

And then, I woke up, realizing that we weren't able to print edible stickers (don't give the boss any ideas), but that this new fantastic capability allows us to prints clear stickers with different images on each side.

Two different images! That's like ordering half a Turkey Club and half a Sharp Italian Hoagie, all in one. This is what happens on a random November Behind the Scenes Friday, kids. Never mind the Twinkies. We have sandwich stickers!


Fries with that?