Get Your Free "OMAHA" Stickers by Gamma Gallery and StickerGiant


New "OMAHA" stickers by Gamma Gallery and StickerGiant

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, Longmont, Colorado-based StickerGiant and Gamma Gallery have joined forces with local street artist extraordinaire Gamma Acosta, to produce a limited edition sticker. The sticker artwork represents a Longmont mural that Gamma created of Peyton Manning commemorating the Broncos last year.

Talks about the sticker collaboration began after Gamma started drafting a new mural in downtown Denver this week in honor of the impending face-off. "It was late on Tuesday when a few of our die-hard Bronco fan staff saw Gamma working on his new mural in downtown Denver on Facebook. They thought it would be awesome to have stickers of his work available for fans in time for Sunday. We were just lucky that Gamma also thought it would be a fun thing to do," says StickerGiant owner John Fischer.


When news of the sticker collaboration reached StickerGiant headquarters, staff flew into high gear to create the custom sheets in time for weekend football festivities. "The staff were so excited about the sticker, that they made adjustments to certain aspects of our production to get these out by yesterday afternoon. StickerTeam members even went out of their way to make deliveries so that some local events could have access to the stickers for this weekend. The whole company can barely contain their enthusiasm. Go Broncos!" says marketing coordinator Hailey Hilliard-Goddard.


Die-hard Broncos fan and StickerTeam member Tom Witting sent a shout out to his Orange and Blue Crew yesterday of his themed cubicle


StickerQueen Maureen White Came through on the bet she lost to Tom last...and dyed half her hair was blue last week.


And Ilene StickerFinancials department extraordinaire added the Bronco boys, hanging with her Hello Kitties at work

Want to get your hands on this limited-edition sticker to rep your Bronco-street art love? StickerGiant is asking that fans reach out to them in a private message on Facebook to request the free sticker (there were only 250 of these made, so be sure to do it quick). They plan to send the stickers out and distribute them according to the level of response, so be sure to connect with them on Facebook before they run out!)




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