“Our community of gamers is expanding…” —STICKER Story Josef Kulovany, Stealth Machines


Josef Kulovany is Founder at Stealth Machines: a custom gaming computer company out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

They know gaming computers. Stealth Machines assembles high powered gaming computers by hand. Their quality gaming computers have received acclaim near and far. Stealth Machine's hands-on approach to customer service sets them apart, but perhaps their most differentiating market feature is their five-year warranty.

Q&A with Josef Kulovany

What do people really dig about your product/services?:
Our customers like our no-nonsense attitude, quality customer support, industry-leading warranty period, and of course we know gaming. Our website is easy to use, our community of gamers is ever-expanding, and our soon-to-be -released NightHawk computer case is sure to be a big success... especially with our new Vinyl logo stamped on the front of it!

Who are the awesome people behind the curtain at your company/project and what do they do?:

Josef - Owner - Everything else not done by our awesome staff

Ed - Lead System Builder - Puts the computers together and answers the phone

Damon- System Builder - Put the computers together

Nick - Marketing Guru - Helps us with all things marketing, including stickers!

Joel- Designer - designs everything for us, including our stickers!

Amitav- Webmaster

Stefan - Product Designer - Helped come up with the NightHawk computer case, and future manufacturing projects

Pablo - Engineer - Helps finalize the work produced by Stefan

Why/How do you use stickers as a marketing or outreach tactic?: 

Stickers are a cost-effective way to promote our product via the most effective marketing method... word of mouth. When we give our customers stickers with the computers we build, they love them, they stick them, and then everyone who sees the stickers finds out about us!

Stickers are also a vital method of branding our computer cases. Using StickerGiant's unique Die Cut , mirror finish vinyl, we are able to use the space on our finished product to advertise our brand whilst simultaneously improving the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

What advice would you give to a company thinking about using stickers as a marketing tactic to wow their fans. What has worked for you, what hasn't, etc?: 

Stickers are great for branding the finished product, as extra goodies to include with the finished product, and for general promotional purposes. When we took your stickers to the PAX East convention in Boston, the stickers were a smash hit!

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