Panther Hawk Flies Proudly

Love It Kill It Panther Hawk - Custom Shaped Stickers

This Panther Hawk sticker is another great example of how our digital die-cutting process can really make your designs pop. Conventional die cutting is costly and time-consuming. There's no waiting for a die to be made with our gear. It's so push-button awesome that George and Judy Jetson would be blown away.

You might mistake this for an embroidered patch on a military flight jacket, at first glance. The combination of script and condensed gothic sans serif typography, along with a limited two color palette delivers maximum impact. Simply put, the custom die cut does justice to this snarling design.

Imagine, if you will, the difference between this design on a rectangular sticker versus the die-cut. In your mind's eye, picture the two stickers next to each other on the trunk lid of a muscle car or hot rod. The die-cut design looks like it was meant to be there, while a rectangular design might look like it was slapped on.