Rolling stickers for "Rolling Papers"

Colorado has seen a huge impact from the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2014. Rolling Papers - A Documentary Film by Mitch Dickman sets out to explore the highs and lows of this new industry.

Rolling Papers is debuting this weekend at SXSW Film on Sunday night, followed up by screenings on Tuesday and Saturday of the following week. The focus of this film centers around the first media source that was created by The Denver Post, called The Cannabist. The goal is to provide coverage on policy news, strain reviews, edible reviews and tips to parents.

The film gained support and backing from a kickstarter campaign. Rolling Papers was produced by Britta Erickson, Daniel Junge, Karl Kister, Alison Greenburg Millice, & Katie Shapiro. The director of Photography was Zachary Armstrong.

The support continues down at SXSW in the form of an awesome sticker that will make you feel the "reel" effects of Rolling Papers.