Stay Cocky with Socks


Cocky Socks is bringing a new boost to egos everywhere. Skylines, super heroes, celebrities, sports, and more all featured on high quality socks that rival anything big brands can throw out there.

Launched in 2013, Cocky Socks is bringing the most creative socks ever seen to the market. The goal is to bring a cocky attitude to personal gear that represents the individual. In addition, to socks they also offer arm sleeves in various camo, USA flag, flame, and breast cancer awareness styles.

Cocky Socks is pushing the norm and fueling the desire of expression. The staff is compromised of passionate people from sneaker and sports cultures. Their awesome designs tie in with some rad looking sneakers.

Cocky Socks are also geared up for athletic feats with dry fit and double cushioned designs that rival Nike Elite socks. Check out their KD, Kobe, Lebron and Jordan socks too!

Custom designed socks, custom designed stickers. Cocky Socks is representing their brand with the red bow tie wearing cocky guy logo sticker.

Get Cocky with stickers and let us help you express yourself.