Sticker Adventures Around the Globe with SnackCrate


It's time to travel the globe with SnackCrate as they bundle up delicious treats from different countries and gift their brand fans with custom stickers.

SnackCrate is a monthly subscription box that is filled with goodies from a different country each time. They spend their time traveling to find the most interesting snacks from each country they feature. The first time you order you get to select the country you are interested in and then they send the featured country monthly after that.

It's all about the experience. Getting to immerse yourself for a few moments in a different culture, with each different snack. In bringing this experience to life, SnackCrate focuses on a package that takes you on an adventure.

It all starts with the colorful blue box, fun designs inserts, wrapping paper and stickers. They include their blue and yellow logo stickers with each box and also mix it up with some other fun stickers related to the theme. Canada was the country snacks were featured from recently and they designed this custom vinyl sticker sheet to go with the order.

As people's taste buds are trekking the world one snack at a time, SnackCrate is gaining brand awareness one sticker at a time.