StickerGiant's Artist of the Month: katsola


Stickers are a true celebration of art, without art there are no stickers. In looking at the stories behind stickers, sometimes the stickers themselves are the story. The artist, katsola, has not only been creating amazing art but creating and developing a story behind characters turned into stickers.

katsola is the artist name of Katherine Kearns, given to herself in 2000. She was an artist from a very early age and carried on the family roots of art and design. It was a focus of hers in school from the very beginning and carried her all the way through getting a graphic design and painting degree from Steph F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. Her skills include illustrations, drawing, painting, website and logo design. She has worked with a variety of companies over the years but set out on her own freelance adventure in 2012.

The Eel & The Lonely Sea is katsola's most recent project that she is still developing. The Sirens Tale characters are:
"The Sirens are: Morwenna, the pibgorn playing, starfish eye patched, white locked Arctic siren and her Narwhal Yseult; Oki, the Japanese Koto playing, raven haired siren and her heart shaped eye patch wearing squid, Nadeshiko; Cordelia, the red haired, mandolin playing Welsh siren and her muse the bindi wearing seal, Ronan and Kailani, the chestnut tressed, Ukeke playing Hawaiian siren and her muse, Alapai, the swim goggle wearing Eel, who also wears the sailor hat of a previous 'suitor'."

These beautifully illustrated characters are available as full color premium white vinyl stickers through katsola's online store. Some of her other work is on display at the East End Studio Gallery in Houston, Texas.

Whether you are creating a work art or just dabbling with a design, nothing beats our kiss cut stickers to really bring out artistic creations in stickers.


  1. Hiii....
    All these stickers shown above are too cute and attractive. I loved ittt...

  2. Glad you like them! katsola does a great job with her art.

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