Sugar Mill Sunset


Sugar Mill Sunset is jumping on the pop punk scene with some rad stickers to represent their band. If only custom band stickers could sing too...

Sugar Mill Sunset is a pop punk band in the same town we are based out of; Longmont, Colorado. They are fresh on the scene just coming off a big New Year's Eve performance at Left Hand Brewery. Their music is influenced by bands of the past and future, Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, New Found Glory, NOFX and others.

In pumping up the jams, they printed up two black & white style custom logo stickers. They are custom die cut as rectangular stickers, just the right size to go on music gear they travel with or to give to fans who slap them on the back of their car window. The best part of their name is "Sugar Mill" which is an old abandoned building on the south east side of Longmont, and ironically happens to be just across the street from where we print the stickers.

Sunsets by the Sugar Mill will never be the same again. We look forward to seeing more and more Sugar Mill Sunset stickers spread around town and at shows.