The Animus Code is All About the Art of Self-Expression


Art is a lot like beauty - it depends on who is looking at it as to the quality of the piece. Some enjoy the classic lines and subtle renderings of Monet or Picasso, while others love the abstract designs of Jackson Pollack. Art can be sculpture, or video games. It can be painted with words, or touched with fire. Self-expression is an art form all unto itself, and The Animus Code not only understands this, but respects it, as well.

"Animus" as a word can mean several different things: feelings of hostility; the motivation to do something; or, in psychology, the male part of a woman's personality, as expressed through the unconscious mind. The animus code, therefore, is unlocking your subconscious mind and being fully aware of all aspects of yourself. Pretty cool, right? The latter description pretty much describes
The Animus Code's intentions - their products are designed to communicate expression and self-awareness through art, whether it be posters, t-shirts or stickers.

One of the main goals, according to their website, is "to promote skateboarders by supporting them with free apparel, stickers, artwork and featuring them through social media outlets." Considering a large part of skateboard talent is still yet to be discovered, this is a huge win for the community at large.

A great example of the art they promote is featured on their multi-colored sticker, a rad design that features the free-thinking, always-skateboarding attitude they strive to attain. It's unique, fresh and a great way to connect others without uttering a single word. What a great way to meet someone!

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